Yours opinion about this


Hello Friends !!

this is my first gigs on Fiverr …

what’s yours opinion about it ?

thanks all


Use all keywords you have used 3 only instead of 5
You can activate packages
Your logos are specifically Minimalistic so you can edit category
You must provide all file formats if u know logo designing its very crucial like you are providing 3 only

This means you work in photoshop which is not recommended for logo design. Add CDR+EPS+Ai+PDF
Who knows what your customer requires to have?

Edit your description: You must know whoever reading is a reader or visitor and its not guarantee that he is going to be buying from you so technically he has not chosen the service yet.

Also i can’t see Unlimited Revisions written in your pricing package


Just looking at the preview blurb I can read here, you need to either go back through your gig description and re-write with an eye for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or you need to hire an editor to do that for you. Like it or not, Fiverr is a platform for connecting with English-speaking buyers, and the #1 obstacle to closing the sale is poor ad copy which immediately makes the buyer wonder if there will be problems with communication.