YouTube Channel + Fiverr Link


Hey guys,

I searched with the ‘search’ toolbar but haven’t found my answer.
I’m thinking of creating a YouTube channel - which would be pretty much be about me drawing. I will draw different things, use this channel to promote my books, etc…

I was wondering if, with the permission on my buyer, I could actually make a video about me drawing my client’s art.
Would I breach the ToS in any way even if my buyer accepts my proposal?
I would post a link in the video to my Fiverr gig.

I would use this as a way to promote myself.

Thank you for letting me know!


You can contact CS regarding this issue :slight_smile:


You will try to contact your client to PM when they place order on you gig. I hope that you will get better result . thanks


CS replied to me.
They told me as long as all discussions and money transactions are made through Fiverr, there is no breaking in ToS.

That’s a great thing!