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Youtube Promotion gig

i buyed from this man a youtube promotion gig but i didn’t like the results, then i wanted to cancel the order, he did but after he canceled the order and i got my money back he put so much dislikes on my youtube video.

here’s the gig that i buyed:******************

and here’s my video: ************************************

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It sounds like you cancelled for an inappropriate reason, but you can report the behavior to Customer Support. You can’t out the seller here on the forum. Your cancellation reason sounds like it violates ToS"

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


Sounds like a case of just desserts.

Pay for marketing, get marketing, cancel marketing order after provision of services, get anti-marketing. Simple really.


what are you saying?? the views was fake and it drop that’s why i was want to cancel the order.

the views was dropped.

Unfortunately, while fake social traffic is common, it’s very difficult to prove to a high degree unless you are working with an established advertising or marketing agency. I saw the gig you bought and it had no guarantees that the views were permanent. Sorry, but traffic gigs are usually a poor gamble. When you gamble, you don’t get your money back. You did get your money back since the seller wasn’t willing to argue over it, so you really have no case left.

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I was here before the links got removed and had a look at the video.

I just want to say just this:

Buying fake traffic for your video can get you penalized by Youtube.

While I don’t know what the seller promised, it should be common sense that nobody has the ability to deliver a greater amount of genuine views, as they would have to make people watch the entire thing.

Seen the fact that it was a video with a collection of car accidents, it is not unlikely that the ‘thumbs down’ it received are not genuine.

That said, at the time of writing this, you are 991 subscribers and a lot of watch time short in order to monetize your video’s. Besides this there is a misconception that you can earn less with a video that has more thumbs up than thumbs down. My most disliked video I ever submitted made me hundreds of dollars. All the nasty comments and dislikes aside, this made me smile.


the views were fake and i know that cause the video was in 1900 views and now it’s 1500 views which youtube is starting removed the views, the video is just a normal video of a car crash compilation, why people will just dislike the video without any reason. + i didn’t buy for fake traffic as he said he in the description of his gig he said “We embed your videos on our private networks which results in bringing more traffic to your video content along with engagement” so i buyed this for real traffic.

so when i want to get my money back, he gave me my money and that’s good but then he started giving me fake dislikes.

Do you have any proof that the seller did this or you just assuming they did?

It might be people genuinely didn’t like it - as @mariokluser said, the dislikes don’t seem to matter much anyway.

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One can only dislike a video with one account at a time. So he would need to do that with at least 50 accounts.
It would be possible that he asked other user from his network to chime in and dislike the video. However, it doesn’t matter.


the proof is why the dislikes just started after he just canceled the order??

Misunderstanding (I have deleted my comment)

You are taking it out of context. He has a video on Youtube and bought a gig on Fiverr in order to promote it.

i have worked in youtube for a long time so i know what’s fake dislikes and real likes or fake likes or fake views. anyway if you still have my video in your history chrome check it after 2 days.

You are right. I thought that the seller had created the video + promoted the video. I will delete my first comment.

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This is why you have 9 subscribers.

But OK, you know everything already. Good for you.


i don’t talk about this channel.

I believe this 100%. I’ve visited YT videos just to see why so many people were complaining about them, and they were getting more hits because of the dislikes. Either way, what the OP is complaining about just isn’t actionable is my point.

This part is to @ydavid101

Is it likely that the seller sold you a gig that was junk?

Yes, it’s likely.

Is it likely that the views were fake and YouTube is removing them?

Yes, still probable, just not easy to do anything about.

Is there anything you, @ydavid101, as the buyer can do now to fix the situation?

No, probably not. You already bought a gig that wasn’t likely to be successful You already got your money back, which is your restitution. You can complain or you can move on. Complaining might have made you feel better or not, but this forum cannot help you with anything more.