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YouTube Promotion Gigs

Just wanted to say please be aware of buying You Tube Promotion gigs - as I recently purchased one and the intial views I had were around 30,000 which daily diminished to around 6,000 - Then You Tube suspended my account with the phrase "“due to repeated violations of our Community Guidelines”

Can’t think of any other “violation I have committed” ? - Just sayin

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If you’re paying for views on YouTube then you are breaking their community guidelines, hence the suspension.

YT are very strict these days, as you’ve discovered. :sunny:


Because all they sell you is a view bot, it auto loads your video, they go to sleep, and wake up to 60,000 views.

Views are not the same as unique hits.
Refresh this page 10 times and it just went up 10 views.
10 different people come by and that’s 10 different unique hits.

Do you really think Google (The OWNERS of YouTube) can’t detect you trying to scam them with a viewbot?