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YouTube Promotion


Can I promote my gigs on youtube? by making a short video of my services and put my fiverr gig link on the video description?

Is it legal?


Well, I think that’s the whole idea of promotion :wink: Not to mention that, for example, anyone can make a video of your services with a link to your gigs, not just you, so Fiverr wouldn’t even be able to verify or use that against sellers.

Doing the opposite (i.e. promoting videos on your Fiverr gigs) would probably not be allowed.


It’s completely ‘legal’ both from Fiverr’s point of view and Youtube’s.

YT links are allowed in profiles and gig descriptions, so you can use a YT video to clarify anything not covered in your gig video, description etc.


I’ve read somewhere on fiverr that it’s not allowed to promote through google ads or smth. I don’t know why and how they are going to verify who actually promoted it, but there it is.


We’re not allowed to promote through Google Adwords, but YouTube’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not only ok, but also a great way to promote yourself and gain some organic traffic. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much guys :smiley: