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Youtube views , facebook likes , twitter followers gigs - Please go away! Is Fiverr breaking TOS?

Yo , how is everyone?

First of all lets all have a cookie and remember that my main language is not english.

Ok , 3 , 2 ,1 RANT!

So lets say i create a cartoon , the cartoon will be named " Sushi banana" .

I upload my video/art into youtube and i publish the link into my facebook and twitter.

It gets around 40 views in a week.

What do you think i should do?

Hire a fake hat to use a script so i can get fake views and feel better about myself?

So my friends can go " wow your video has like 10,000 views! Awesome!"

or should i stay true to myself and my art.

For me its all about the truth. By not cheating i can get the real numbers of how many people watched my video.

How many people actually went " ahahaha this sushi banana is crazy " .

But to hire someone to give me fake views? Why lie to yourself?

If your content is crappy guess what? You will get low views.

If you create awesome content that is fresh and nice, you should not care about views, eventually you will get the views.

I myself care about the impact of the content on other people. If they love it they will talk about it and show it to their friends. If ts content is dull it will fall flat on its butt.

end of youtube rant .
facebook rant start.

ok now, lets say i have a fb page , called "celticmoon panda". it has like 24 likes from my friends .
I should be happy right ? as long as at least 1 person liked my page, why would i care to have 10,000 fake likes?

Do you actually think people are that stupid?
You can spot fake fb likes by using your logic.

lets say "celticmoon panda" has 10,000 likes.
Then i post " look at my panda its so cute omg!"
And all you see is 1 like or 10 likes.
Where are the other 9,xxx people?
You wold at least expect up to 100 to 1,000 likes on that post.

I have seen lots of pages with this fiasco.
1 post , 10 likes , 10,000 + followers.

If your page content is garbage, you wont get the likes .

end of facebook rant.
yo twitter !

Twitter , twitter , twitter.
Who gives an apple about the followers?
i know some people do but, do you really need to fill up your ego with lies?
fake accounts following you ? just like the fake and hollow person that you are?
If people care about what you have to say via twitter they will follow. Its the same on everything.
so i dont have to go on a long rant about twitter fake followers.

end of twitter rant.
i see you ...fiverr.

Here is my main problem with these gigs here on fiverr.
Not only buyers can be scammed and screwed because lets face it , the buyer will have to give the seller their facebook,twitter and youtube links.

Do you know what hats can do with all that info?
( by hats i mean black hats, or fake hats, "hackers" go google if you want more info about it, you can also search "youtube views black hats" tho i dont recomend you enter to any site)

Do you trust someone who is breaking the rules just to give you a few numbers ?
How can you give your money away so easily to a stranger that will give you a service that is against the TOS of each site?

Or do you actually think its legal to hire someone to give you views, likes and followers? How naive are you?
Like i said on the past, unless the seller lives on a mansion with 10,000 other people and they all follow you when you purchase, then..bleh then maybe it will be less of a problem and not break any TOS.

so stop with the "NO FAKE , NO BOTS" cuz its all a lie!
Next time you are going to purchase and throw your money away , ask the seller, " do you live in a football stadium with 10,000 people?" " how is no fake no bots , how do you achieve this? "
Basic questions .

Im looking at you fiverr , how dare you , yes HOW DARE YOU let gigs run wild so people get scammed?
You know its against other sites TOS to sell those services. Dont go " oh is marketing ". pshhh what a copout.

Other people go " ah celebrities have fake followers". So ? Because someone does it , you have to lie to yourself like that?

Like another user said , you are shooting yourself in the foot fiverr.
Sooner or later other companies will get notice that this is going on here on fiverr. Then what are you going to do?
You are going to say " we are looking into this matter , we can discuss the details " or will you actually get your sushi levels high enought so you can care about the buyers and protect them from fraudulent gigs?

Are you breaking other sites TOS fiverr?

Enough with the fiasco!
Stop lying to yourself fiverr, to your costumers , to the sellers and to my sushi .

This is my opinion, you dont have to aprove or think the same way but in the end all that matters is .. dat sushi inside the banana.

<3 Biancha

> …remember that my main language is not english.

Biancha, you write English better than 95% of the Seller Descriptions I encounter here on Fiverr!



Reply to @regency85: hahahahaha you think? Then the school system actually worked! HAHAAHHA, i mainly have problems with " in " or "on"

Example , im going to leave the cat on the box. I am in the box , we are on the box?

UGH! idk X_X ahahah.

<3 cheers regency

I agree! I see sellers promising tens of millions of subscribers; I mean how is this not an obvious scam? And some have loads of users leaving positive feedback (before they realise all those wonderful users have magically disappeared one day)

I don’t understand how this is permitted. There are so many great sellers on Fiverr who work so hard to sell whatever they are good at, and these people shamelessly sell bots that require no work, do not stay for a long time, and can get the Facebook users in trouble. How long will it take for something big to happen and totally ruin Fiverr reputation and lead to little or no sales for the honest sellers here?

It’s unfair and greedy that Fiverr chooses to close an eye to this.

And it’s not only this: gigs that promise phone verified accounts are up and running. Yes, I have a perticular seller in mind: he/she got reported, they deleted her gig and now it’s up and running again. Really?

/rant off

P.S: yes, I realise there are honest sellers that offer these services but I doubt they promise 10.000.000 likes and so on.

Reply to @biancha: You enjoyed your sushi buffet… so now, the sushi is IN your stomach… but some of it fell ON your clothes!


Reply to @cristinaghy: Are you referring to gigs that promise X number of phone-verified Gmail accounts?

If so, what exactly “goes wrong” with them?

Reply to @regency85: They are against the respective’s site (often Google) TOS. So I am living in Sweden but if I buy a gig that gives me an account that is phone verified in USA it would lead the people to believe I am in USA and can lead to confusion/scams/fishy activity. Do you think buying an account that is phone verified from a country you are not into sounds like any good news?

People tend to be “creative” given the proper tools.

Reply to @regency85: its on my clothes? OMG NO! *Runs away * ahahahah

Reply to @cristinaghy: agree with your points.

Its really easy to make those gigs.

Once they got the script working and set up.

U put in your buyers info, hit a button and wait.

Boom easy money.

Also to be honest when i see services like those and the seller has like 200+ reviews i want to leave fiverr, out of frustration. You know how much money they make just pressing a button? not only that but fiverr gets a cut out of it.

the hypocrisy.

<3 Biancha

Reply to @cristinaghy: Ok, then this is a different situation than what Biancha originally referred to.

In Biancha’s case, the Seller is running a scam that will either:

a) Vanish shortly after the buyer leaves a positive comment

b) Damage the buyer’s website (that the fake likes/tweets/pluses/whatever are pointing to).

In Your case however, the Seller is providing exactly what they promised.

Yes, it may be against Google’s TOS (though I don’t see anything in their TOS that specifically refers to this process as “illegal”).

But the bottom line is that most likely, Google WON’T KNOW - and so, the Buyer will get what they paid for - and those accounts will remain and NOT “vanish”.

Reply to @cristinaghy: "People tend to be “creative” given the proper tools."

This quote sums it up . I agree 100% where is the real talent and creativity when all they do is push a button ?

Reply to @regency85: My remark in regards to those types of gigs was in addition to the problems described by the OP. The fact that the accounts remain or that Google doesn’t find out does not make it any better. I remember someone quoting the precise part that mentioned this but don’t have the time to search on the forum right now. Are we really debating whether selling account that one doesn’t “own” (Google propriety, right?) is an OK practice? Hm…

So if one does something illegal and the police doesn’t find out, gets to keep the, let’s say. stolen goods all is fine and well? Come on!

Edit: Here it is “Sell, trade, resell or otherwise exploit for any unauthorized commercial purpose or transfer any Gmail account” You can find it on https://www.FRAGGLESROCK

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

Reply to @cristinaghy: Wow! Good job, finding the actual paragraph, in Google’s ridiculously-long and ever-entwined TOS pages!


Even so, it still says NOTHING about phone-verification from the “wrong” country. Interesting…

No, obviously we’re not condoning bad behavior. I was just making a valid distinction between a Scam Gig (where the Buyer gets “burned”), and a Questionnable Gig (where the Seller delivers; the Buyer is satisfied; but the results are morally questionnable).

I have no problem with YouTube views , Facebook likes , and Twitter followers gigs. They are providing a service that is in demand. It's up to the buyer to decide if the gig will suit their needs. I wouldn’t want Fiverr to take the position of the morality police. I know there are some that have a problem with testimonial videos. With written testimonials and reviews, same controversy. Some people think the homework gigs should be done away with. Others are offended by scantily clad women that want to put your message on their chest, and might argue, "OMG, what about the children browsing the site!?" Creating any type of accounts e.g. social media, emails, etc. That's probably against a TOS somewhere. The list could go on and on...And if this Facebook like service has 200 positive reviews, and all they do is push a button, then good for them. I wish I was that lucky! I’m not here to criticize the gigs of other sellers on Fiverr. No offense to anyone intended…

Reply to @typingservice: no offense taken

I got a question, if you knew how to do the gigs would you sell those “serviceS”?

Knowing its against the TOS and doing it anyways is just…wrong.

Morality and ethics are important. Most people are losing morality and ethics because lets face it , the society we live in allows a lot of things that poison our values and the way we think.

Someone has to take a stand and stop this.

anyone who wants those services should go to hat websites where you are not safe from the start. Not come here , eat cookies , give money to someone who breaks the tos and then leave all the Bread crumbs on my carpet. We need to protect the community and in this case fiverr itself.

Even if it has demand doesnt give anyone the right to do so.

Cocaine has a lot of demand on the street and i have no need to go out and sell some.

You know , cuz youtube views and cocaine are the same thing, just like sushi and cookies! ( This sentence is a joke just in case )

I have to criticize the gigs because its a problem, it violates TOS and buyers are getting scammed. I expect fiverr to the right thing instead of just look away and extend the hand, grab a dollar and hope nobody report this issue to the other companies.

simple as that.:heart:

biancha said: I got a question, if you knew how to do the gigs would you sell those "serviceS"?

Yes, absolutely. On the condition that I would not misrepresent my offer. I would want them to know exactly what they're getting. This helps with customer satisfaction. In the past, I've actually purchased Twitter followers for an account. I was quite happy with the results. Whether they're bot or real followers, I think there's a market. Although the customer deserves to know the details beforehand. The Facebook TOS doesn't pose any moral quandary, as I don't equate it with morality.

Anyway, I have a few orders to do. I'm spending too much time in the forum. :) Take care!

But it’s not a matter of having Fiverr be “the morality police”. It really is against the terms of use of many social media sites to use bots or empty clicks. It really is against the law in some areas of the world to show adult content, which can range from a woman without head covering to uncovered genitals to adults sexually abusing children. Fake testimonials are no problem whatsoever. As long as you are wealthy enough to replace the piece of crap whatever you bought because it had the highest rating, or you’re lucky enough not to have been harmed even though all the online reviews forgot to mention that little issue with spontaneous brake failure, or that the CO2 monitor doesn’t actually work, because all those reviews were fake and paid-for. And it actually is against the law, in some places, to present academic work as your own but is not. Which medical doctor would you want operating on you: the one who struggled through each and every lecture and worked hard for every grade, or the one who had enough money to buy papers online so as to have lots of beer time?

Personally, I don’t want to be associated with people who flout the rules or break laws for their own monetary gain. I get it that this isn’t a black and white issue. There are many shades of grey, lots of way to interpret things. But from reading the forums for a year and a half, I can say without much doubt, the one category that generates more complaints is traffic selling. Buyers get angry when their accounts get banned, or that lovely influx of traffic suddenly disappears. Sellers, who amazingly often seem to have no idea that what they’re doing might be against any rules, don’t understand why once-completed orders suddenly turn into negative reviews; they whine all over the forums, ‘how do I get rid of negative review! pls help!’. Wait one or two weeks. Repeat for a new batch of weeping complainers.


I can honestly understand why someone would have no problem with these gigs IF they are telling exactly what they are selling. But are they?

I don’t have a statistic at hand here, but from the little understanding of how the mind works there is a change that a person will click follow/like/subscribe if they see that so many others before them already did. Therefore, it would be a tactic for a company to buy these fake bots in order to attract real people. If this is a moral thing to do or not is not my place to say. However, what I and many people have a problem with is the fact that I’ve seen NO gigs explaining that what the buyer gets is bots; on the contrary, the gigs in question advertise this as “real” followers. Now, surely, that is not OK no matter how you see it.

I’ve only been on Fiverr for only some months but I’ve been reading the forums on my “quest” to better understand a community that looked wonderful to me. The forums are becoming more populated by threads that ask fellow members for help because they have been scammed, since the “real” people that followed/liked their page have disappeared. Imagine you’ve bought a vase: you get it home, put your flowers in it, write a nice review because hey…it really does something for those tulips… but the second day it vanishes.

Sure…you can blame the buyer, like I’ve seen many are doing. But some people are, indeed, more naive. They just don’t know about the shenanigans that are done on the internet. They just saw a service and they imagined…hey…it’s advertised on this site that is nice and written about it this and that magazine so it must be legit. Why aren’t this services advertised on other freelancer sites?

This is my last post on this matter but I can’t close an eye to posts that are missing a point here: it doesn’t matter what your morals are telling you; it’s not shades of grey here-it’s very much black and white: it’s against the TOS!

Reply to @typingservice: well that was a letdown. You just admited you are willing to make money by providing a service that is against the rules.

Am i the only one with a Conscience?

have fun with your orders.

Reply to @celticmoon: i agree, bravo celticmoon , here is some candy :slight_smile: