Youtube Views,like and subsccriber Gig remove?


Hello Friends,
How are you all i am new here,Fiverr is amazing Platform to show our skill to world i love this site me and my friend daily earning from there but i have 1 issue that when i created a Gig of Youtube Views,Likes, Subscribers, all detail is mine and pic is orignal mine but remove :cry: every time.i didn’t get point why it remove (just a simple remove reason third party violation of term and service but my all material is Geniun 110% please Help me about this Problem… Thankyou:slight_smile:


It’s against Youtube TOS for anyone to buy views, likes, subscribers and so forth.


But many older seller still selling on fiverr


Most of those people use bots, not real life views/likes/subscribers, hence youtube, twitter, instagram, etc…all ban buying views, likes, subscribers/followers and so forth.

All those sellers…someone has to report them, they will get reported eventually.


ok Thankyou its very Helpful for me