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Youtuber Tried to Steal My Work for Free

So I’ve been screwed over before with a bad review or a horrible customer, it happens. Recently, though, I lost my patience with a buyer who wanted a music video script. He sends me the song and what he wants the music video to look like and I type it out and send it back. He asks for a revision asking for me to be more detailed, I oblige.

I send it back and he requests another revision, with a single letter in the revision description box. I ask him to state what needs fixing, he doesn’t so I send back the same script through and tell him to request another revision along with his description of what needs fixing. He continues to request revisions with only one letter in description box and I can see what he is trying to do. I tell him that I am going to report him to CS and he marks order as complete and leaves a 1 star review that is completely false.

(I have screenshots of the order btw. I’m not sure if I can post them here or if people can go to my order and see for themselves? Idk, let me know how that works.)

Anyway, I think something in me snapped and I just lost it with CS. And they said they couldn’t do anything about it even though the review was obviously malicious. This happened a while back and I had moved on from it until I got a youtube ad from his music video channel and I nearly lost it. Buyers like this make my blood boil.


This is very sad to know. I hope you find a way to take action against these type of people as it will make huge problem and mess for sellers.