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You've just been tipped! Why Fiverr takes its share from that as well?

We get a tip and Fiverr takes their $1 share from that as well, don’t think that is fair.
We already paid the $1 project fee, we did good work and get tipped what has Fiverr got to do with that tip?
I would suggest Fiverr team to consider this request and let us FULLY enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

Hope others agree too!

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I second that. If I tip someone then I expect them to get all of it, just like in hotels and restaurants.


Agreed, tips shouldn´t be fee-d.


Yeah man!

I get $5-$45 Tip now and then,

Fiverr takes 20% of it! and not a single word or special icon is displayed!

> The readers who agree should write an email to support team.
I hope that get implemented ASAP.

Tip for you guys—
Let us create a Tip’s gig.
As I have one (You can have a look)

and address all the buyers to leave a tip over there!

> Hit like if it helps :slight_smile:


even if it take a fee,

we should at least get some credit.

as each time we get a 5star review it counts and boosts the gig’s reach!

However yes! indeed That Tip at least should be the complete money! -20% in the tip concept should be changed if possible. :slight_smile:

Fiverr is taking 20% that fine. If fiverr not taking this fee TIP system can be misused.
So that’s why fiverr’s 20% from tip is okay.

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We are okay with it.

Tips cannot be commission-free due to abuse of the feature. It’s been discussed many times so you can locate the other threads, but it simply isn’t workable. Some people would utilize it to avoid commission on all but the base gig. I am find with paying commission on tips because if there was no commission, the tip feature would be removed totally.

Simply stated, Fiverr takes 20% from every dollar you earn. This includes tips because if it didn’t, sellers and buyers could collaborate to cheat Fiverr out of its money. For example, a buyer could request a $100 gig from me and I would charge then $5 and ask for a $95 tip. If tips were not shared with Fiverr, Fiverr would receive $1 for this transaction and I would receive $99! That’s not fair to Fiverr.

For those who doubt people would do that… Yes, they would. It would be a risk to the seller, but after a long relationship with a buyer, these kind of deals seem more than reasonable.

Fiverr deserves its 20% because it provides you a platform to conduct your business via messaging, file transfer, and bringing buyers to you. You don’t have to buy credits to bid on work and you don’t pay a monthly membership fee. You only pay when you make money! If you think it’s unjust, you don’t have to use Fiverr.

Agreed with you. This is what i was thinking that. But one thing i don’t agree. I want fiverr to charge little bit from the seller to respond to the buyers requests. This way spamming in buyer’s request will decreased much more.
Now days new sellers send offer to everyone and they don’t think that they have skills or not. They just see amount buyer offered and they send offer.
This thing is confused the buyers and most buyer don’t return when they saw such unrelated offers.

Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See: