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Yuck, Use your Manners

:frowning: Maybe I was unreasonable? I don’t know. When the customer asked the question about social media I was busy selecting one of my auto responses for explanation of rights, and highlighting the internet portion. When I came back I saw their second response and decided to say something else.

I feel like in this situation the customer should politely say,

“Sorry, but this is out of my price point!”



(edited to remove anything else that might reveal the customer, including the script)


I would say that that’s very rude. Just because you’re cheap doesn’t mean you have to be both cheap and mean.


Not at all. The minute they showed themselves to be so unprofessional you now know how the rest of the transaction would go. I would have stopped replying to them and report/block for that and walk away.


I can feel what you’re talking about. From my experience, when I encounter such a client, a bunch of them follow in the next few hours or the rest of the day as if they agreed together to attack me with their ignorance, rudeness, and impoliteness :rage:

One of these fellows placed once an order that takes 6 days and started asking me every day about it. I explained to her that I would not be able to give her a feedback every few hours and that she needs to wait until the deadline. She didn’t want to understand :slight_smile: To cut the story short, I had to report her to CS because she became too rude and she didn’t even know where to read the messages that I was sending her.


That sounds incredibly frustrating. I would agree about the folks who seem to appear right afterwards, had a few more strange interactions after this. But hopefully some of my favorite clients will pop back in with a few orders.

I agree. I just get so wound up in responding to their crap. I’m better off just ignoring it. There’s no point.


I’m sorry this happened to you.
If you look on the bright side, you were able to avoid a potentially troublesome


Not unreasonable at all. If anything, I say you handled it exceptionally well. You run into some truly entitled people in freelancing.