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Yup, it finally happened

So I upped my pricing to ridiculous amounts to have less orders on here but I was approached by another freelancer who was working on an animation for one of his clients and urgently needed custom music. As usual… I spend about an hour to go through all of the details and I do this because when it is about music, you really want to understand as much as possible what the client expects.

I looked at the animation and roughly explained how I would compose to screen and underline certain scenes. So far so good - buyer agrees and places the order.

Since this is an urgent project I prioritized this job and delivered about 12 hours later. Long story short: buyer decides to be somewhat insulting, calling my work non-original, boring and completely different than what he ordered and now wants a “signature piece” that can be used over and over for his client and gave me the opening theme for MGM & Columbia Pictures. I am ready to smack something.

I was a little speechless because outside of fiverr I never run into these kinda issues while charging about 10x the amount that dude paid.

I have nothing against revisions but what he is asking for now is so unrealistic and in complete opposite to what we’ve discussed, does not make any sense to the animation and it would simply butcher the entire project. No way, I am going to trash what I have already done to compose something so horrible as he demands now.

So he spent the last hour or so to rant about my work and finally requested an official revision. Honestly, if I went ahead to compose, something tells me he will never agree to any delivery. he already mentioned “this will not work”. But then again, I stopped responding and I can see that his instructions are becoming less cumbersome. What to do? Request a cancellation right away? Risk working forever on this project? He does not have any gigs himself it seems, so this may be a project of his related outside of fiverr.


Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear about this. I would say go with your instinct and cancel. This person is not worth your time, skills and effort.

I can relate, as I used to have music gigs on here about 5 years ago and suffered similar experiences. I decided to stop, before it sucked the joy out of music making completely.

Not that being a voice over artist is much better, but at least I can keep the music for myself. :laughing:


Thanks Jon,

I just went ahead, made some modifications as requested without trashing the entire project. If he decides it is not good enough I will need to cancel I guess.

This is a pity, it’s good work and just to make sure he is not going to use it, I will publish the two tracks and put some content id on them. That way I can request any platform to take the video down in case I stumble across it.

I had two edgy clients before where I was so unsure about if I should work for them at all, both of those turned out to be harmless and fine but this time chances are it may not end well. The worst thing about this is I cannot really take anything out of this to prevent it from happening again in the future, unless I reject projects from other freelancers altogether. :confused:


cancel and be happy :tada:
But you already sent your buyer the final project right? because your buyer wants revisions with the new things.
I’ve thought, does your buyer still get the source file? :thinking:
if yes, That’s mean your buyer could edit it by self.
if yes, your buyer got 2 profits from you; 1) Your buyer money’s back. 2) You buyer got free source file from you.

p.s: Cancellation is not my style. I will continue if it’s worth for my time.

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Yep, these are the worst buyers. Completely unrealistic expectations. This is the No.1 reason behind almost every cancellation I have had this year. (Though I don’t cancel after delivery.) Also, yes, this is a somewhat unique to Fiverr problem.

To be honest, I’d just cancel. I hate saying that. However, when I get these types it gets the point where I could reinvent the wheel and you can guarantee they will leave a review so critical it’s just nasty to look at. When that happens, my sales plummet until a regular buyer places an order and counters it with a lovely 5-star review.

You need to ask yourself if you want to deal with a potential drop and permanent stain on your record.


If the person does a complete one-eighty and starts being unreasonable to the point you get the impression you’ve talked to two different people before and after the order, I’d cancel.

You can also stick to the fact that what you’ve delivered is 100% in line with the initial brief so there will be no new concepts and no refunds but that can lead to a bad review and a cancelation through CS anyway.

Or you can let the person rant in your PMs for a day or two if this is what they are doing anyway. Sometimes they talk themselves out of their worst ideas, calm down and become open to a constructive discussion again without you saying a word.


Stick a rythem track on it next time as a water mark . Audacity makes this quite easy


This seems to be the current state for sellers…or at least that’s how it seems from my perspective. Every potential client I get an inquiry from I view with a high degree of suspicion and find myself reading between the lines for any sign of a possible future charge-back or general schizophrenia. It’s not a great way to operate. :confused:


If you stats can handle a negative review, I would do one or two revisions and then tell the buyer that you’ve delivered as agreed. Refuse to cancel and get paid if possible.

If your stats can’t absorb a negative review but your completion rate is solid, you might have to cancel and take the lesser evil.


It’s almost like we work in the same office. The absolute worst is when you decide to give a buyer the benefit of the doubt. (Just to test to see if its you and not them.) Then find yourself being danced around by an idiot with the worst attitude waving every red flag in the scammer rule book.


That’s how it’s been for me for the last two weeks. The scammers have really raised their game recently - it’s like when the heat brings the bugs out that are in the walls. As a side note, I read this on wikipedia:

"Fiverr has a “F” rating, the lowest possible, from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in New York, where their office is located, and has a one star rating out of five, also the lowest possible. 93% of the reviews of Fiverr on the BBB website are negative"

The “BBB” have been around for 106 years; they specialise in consumer protection and industry self-regulation, so it’s fair to say that they know what they’re talking about.

If I was the CEO of a company that had that kind of reputation, I would want to ask some serious questions and make changes.


Ouch. - However, this also means that buyers should (theoretically) look at sellers like ourselves as Gods among mek sellers for having survived against all odds. :slight_smile:


It’s a nice thought, but I don’t hold out much hope. I’m already making contingency plans.

I’m also thinking of sending a direct message to the CEO and asking several questions - one of them being why sellers need to take a hit to their stats because of an unresponsive buyer, or a buyer who “orders by mistake”.


Wow! I had no idea Fiverr had such a low BBB rating. Makes me think…

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The ratings are low everywhere else, too.
If you google some popular review websites, you’ll see plenty more.
I’m one to take reviews with a grain of salt, but it’s a common trend the reviews are bad, bad, bad.


I haven’t checked the BBB and that’s a pretty bad rating. Just to clarify, though, the NYC office is not the main office and it’s also not where Customer Support is located. The main HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel where Fiverr has won a number of awards. (That’s not to defend them, just a fact.) Support is in a Florida office and they might have poor ratings there - no idea.


Probably cancelling is your best solution. There is always the possibility that you try to do what he wants, delivers it and he still isn’t satisfied. I wish Fiverr would realize that cancellations should not always be the sellers fault and take certain situations like yours into consideration.

I wish you luck in whatever you decide


It’s referring to where the BBB office is located. :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you guys for all of your input. Quite surprisingly, the buyer seems to be more reasonable now, letting me know precisely what needs to be changed rather than sending me several hollywood productions to take in as a reference. I decided to give him a very last chance not only to see if any of my instincts are right but, also because I know I tried EVERYTHING to do this right. Unfortunately I do not have endless revisions and one negative review will surely stand out and be quite eye-catching. I don’t really mind losing my LV1 badge, to be honest I had more requests without a badge. The other thing is… I used to be always ranked between #1 to #3 with one of my gigs and fiverr once again decided to give me the “rising talent” badge which is actually punishing me, displaying my gig further down vs my generic ranking. So at this point, no badge would be preferred all-around :slight_smile: Even if you see me ranting here and there, I actually care about my profile hence, me giving this buyer yet another benefit of the doubt.

As for the fiverr BBB rating, along with many other review-sites that in fact does not look good. I may have to look up fivers CEO, all of this must have a root :slight_smile:

Fiverr has lost a lot of Sellers. Here are just a few of the reasons I’ve detected.

  1. The new ranking system.

  2. Sellers are choosing not to associate with Fiverr’s brand.

  3. The algorithm and search engine gets worse instead of better.

  4. A slow response at stopping (if at all) the copying of popular gigs and the subsequent theft of their business.

  5. Postings are all over the internet describing ways to rip-off Fiverr Sellers.

  6. 20% of earnings is a hefty price to pay for a mere "page.

  7. There are too many restrictions and obstacles for Sellers, making it difficult to sell creative services properly.