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Yup why mot it can be and yes


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And what happened with your old account?


Payoneer is a online payment system. And fiverr revenue card is an option of fiverr withdrawal… You can ad your MasterCard. Whatever your Payment system are Both card is same just different between card maintenance and yearly cost.


disable by fiverr today


Then you are not allowed to create a new account. That is again strict violation of TOS.

If they closed your account it means that you broke the rules. And now you created new account and broke the rules again.

If fiverr banns you it’s forever. They will find out sooner or later that you opened second account and will block it again.

Good luck.


You can open another new account. please make everything new . A new email, a new payoneer account and dont flaunt the rules again. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Dont attach an old payoneer account to a new fiverr account. I wish you all the best


No he can not, that’s why fiverr banned him. It’s very ibvious that fiverr doesn’t want people who breaks the rules. He was given few chances before they closed his first account and he will open the new one to keep breaking the rules?


Can you explain the reason?


Hey, did you used it before on Fiverr? if yes, so don’t use it again with your new Fiverr account.