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Zero buyer request for wordpress service?

Hi, a question: as a seller if i sell a wordpress service i cannot find any buyer request (zero!): how this is possible?


New sellers see less and sometime no requests.
I’m level 2 and right now there are 23 requests since yesterday.

Look for clients outside of Fiverr, bring them here and once you get to higher level you’ll see more requests.
Or work on your gigs to stand out more.

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Wordpress service is highly competitive, I’ll recommend that you get closes friends to boost feedback and metrics to your account so that can help get you to page 1 eventually.

That isn’t good advice I’m afraid. :neutral_face:

The OP needs genuine buyers to leave accurate feedback, not fake ones.

Thanks to all! Noow i see some requesto, not too much but i see them

The idea is to actually meet the needs of your acquaintances, friends, etc. If you feel confident that you’ll a great work, then you shouldn’t be afraid.

Thank you all for the reply. I’m having a similar issue.

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