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Zero Buyer Requests

Hello All,
I am wondering why there doesnt seem to be any buyer requests. There have been none since i have joined. Does anybody know if there is a particular reason for this? Is it because i am new to Fiverr?
Thank you, any advice would be great.


Sorry NO advice can make this situation changes… After I had been demoted in Jan the buyers request suddenly gone to zero some times I can see up to 5 but apparently buyer hire more quickly. (I do not know what to think about this seller behavior, from one day to the next day)

I think that the amount of buyers requests displayed is linked to your level… soon I will be promoted again… and if this “behavior” changes… I will confirm my theory


You do not get multiple buyer requests.

Because your type of show does not have the number of sellers’ requests.

If the seller is 1,000,000
Number of offer 400,000

Finally you do not get notification update buyer request.

That’s my opinion

That would be really helpful, Thank you. I will also post back here should my requests increase with my rank on the site. Thanks again

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It is you theory and I do respect it. BUt I am very clear about buyers request… thanks any way

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Here’s the lowdown on the Buyer Requests…

You’re not going to see many buyer requests as a “New Seller”, because Fiverr intentionally wants new sellers to learn how to promote their services, not expect Fiverr to give them everything they want. As a “New Seller”, you will not be able to count on the Buyer Requests section to make you successful. It’s not going to happen.

In addition, new sellers are usually the people desperately spamming the Buyer Requests section, so, it appears as though Fiverr has chosen to show very few BRs to “New Sellers” in order to cut down on spam. As a “Level 1” seller, you’re just not going to have many BRs to work with. This appears to be how Fiverr wishes to handle things. If you want to see plenty of BRs, work hard to be promoted to a “Level 1” seller. When you do, you will see plenty of BRs to respond to, because you have earned a promotion, and Fiverr is more likely to see you as an asset to their seller catalog.

There are no freebies in life – or here on Fiverr. You are going to have to WORK HARD to earn the bonus features here on this site.


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your words and take them on board fully. I am currently researching the ins and outs of fiverr and will just learn how to promote myself in time. I appreciate the fact that it will not be easy to be successful on here. Thanks again for your reply.

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