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Zero from Hero

I was earning enough money few weeks ago but now impressions and clicks both are zero. Suddenly i have become zero from hero. Not getting even a single order or message.

These things happen; it is the nature of business. My advice, focus less on complaining about your lack of impressions, clicks or sales, and focus on finding ways to make your gigs better, and more visible. Like promoting off of Fiverr.

From your comments on the forum in the past, it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much work in promoting your gigs. You seem to be expecting sales and success without hard work. Treat your gigs like a business. If you’re just casually posting social media messages to your friends, and responding to 10 buyer requests each day, that is NOT hard work. Do more than that – a LOT more.

Perhaps hard work is a good place for you to start if you want to increase your level of success here on Fiverr.

thank you

Hello Mwilsons, i recommend you to use your social media to market your gigs. There is also a possibility that there is a bug. You can contact the fiverr support to confirm. all the best

yes i contacted Fiverr Support but they are not responding to my ticket