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Zero impressions

Hi Guys,
I’m still quite new on fiverr, but I am a but confused about something.

If my gigs are active, how is it possible that some gigs have ZERO impressions and for my older gigs the impressions are down by the hundreds.

Does this mean Fiverr isn’t showing my gigs at all?

Thank you in advance


It is normal for the stats to occasionally reset, but in this case I’ve seen others post that there is a known bug with the display of impressions. You are probably getting normal views, they just don’t show in your panel. Give it some time and I’m sure Fiverr will fix it.

Facing the same problem still yet.

We are getting lots of posts about this. Fiverr is aware of it and working on it.

i am new, Facing the same problem, but hope Fiverr working on it.

Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!

Best regards

Robert | creativejapan

Facing the same problem. I hope this gets resolved soon.