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Zero Orders from June 2017

I was been as active user for more than 2 years in fiverr and i have never came under such a situation in past 2 years, I normally used to have 5-6 active orders in my list. Sometimes it may have 8 - 10, but at present from June last week, i didnt get any orders from buyers which makes me completely shocked for the past 1 week

I have never tried of sharing my gig in social networking site or some other websites because i used to get orders frequently. now i started to share my gig, i also tried with send quotes, Now i posted in fiverr forum too. I do no what happen to my gig. i even do no whether it is problem from my side or else is there any algorithm change in fiverr search, mostly i can find my gig within 6 pages of search and also i find that my gig was under featured gig, but now i cant find “FEATURED” word in my gig in search and even in others gig too

I got 107 clicks, 150 views, 3.5k Impressions in the past 7 days

May i can know what is the problem?? is there will be any improvements that i can expect in July, becuase fiverr is my only source of income

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Dont worry . Try it from Buyer request section . Getting order, Isnt easy

Yeah, i am hoping it from buyer request, i am not getting any response on buyer request

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you are not the only one!

same with me! never had an order from buyer req. section

Well, I saw this:


That could be hurting you. Also:

“I will do unlimited revisions but I will not design if there is entire requirement change after it is been designed”

I would change that to

“I will do a maximum of two revisions. If more are required, I will send you a custom offer for additional revisions.”

It makes no sense to offer unlimited revisions when you’re gigs are $5/$10/$15

I would also consider changing your gig title to

“I will design an eBook cover Or Ebook Cover in 2 days”

99% of your clients are eBook writers. People who do print books often have publishers that design the books for them. Very few people actually print the books.

However, if you want to target print books, you could have a gig called “I will design a book cover for CREATESPACE.” That’s Amazon print-on-demand platform for book publishers, and a lot of writers struggle uploading images.

Of course, make sure your clients tell you the image dimensions before you start working, that will reduce the number of revision requests.


Thanks for your advice, will sure consider and let me changes my profile

Please keep in mind, Fiverr does not guarantee that anyone will get any level of sales just because they have gigs hosted here on Fiverr. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful, or to promote your gigs. You will need to take responsibility for that, and if sales are lower than you would like, you may have to work harder than before.

Like any business, you need to promote, market, and work to make your services captivating and desirable. This requires a great deal of daily maintenance work (well beyond just completing orders). You need to do this work, if you want to have a chance at a higher level of sales.

It is also not wise to depend upon one source of income as a freelancer. Always work to have multiple sources of income, so that when one source drops low (such as Fiverr right now), you still have other sources of income that can pick up the slack. Being self-employed is not easy, but it is possible when you stay busy, vigilant, and constantly working to improve your services.

Don’t give up… but also… don’t depend upon Fiverr to be your only source of income.

thanks jonbass, yeah i too have multiple source of income, but at present i am depend mostly on only fiverr, now i need to concentrate more on other source too

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