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Zero ROI on Facebook Ads

Hello, I recently created facebook ad to my content writing gigs, but my ROI was not nothing to write home. It wasn’t funny but I still want to try. Please any suggestion on the type of audience I should target? Thanks in advance

You give zero information, so how can anybody remotely advise on what audience you should target?
Your username suggests that you are a professional content writer. Assuming that you are, you know better than anybody for what audience you write your content. Therefore it is a very logical thought process. You need to target to potential customers who have a need for the content you are creating.

Its just a pen name and I believe nothing is bad with correct me if I am wrong, about the campaign i created, can you advise more on how I can optimize it for a better result? thanks in advance.

This is everything you need:

Go to youtube and search for Miles Beckler and watch his videos on Facebook advertising. This guy knows what he is talking about.


Thanks I will check it out

Thanks a lot I will like to check this out