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Zero Sale Since Last Week


It’s been 1 week and no sale came out.

Someone said this thing won’t work on fiverr, you have to come out with something different. Please help if any one like my gig if want it, Order it.

Thanks !!

Your problem is that you are attempting to sell a service that Fiverr does not approve of. In fact, they are deleting gigs that try to sell Facebook likes. And Facebook doesn’t approve of it either. My advice: Find a service that you can offer that does not go against the rules of other websites.

I also would suggest a gig offering a real service that requires work instead of bot-likes or any sort of gig for social media boosts, fake reviews, traffic or anything like that.

In addition, you are not permitted to attempt to sell gigs on the forum unless you post in the My Fiverr Gigs category so your post has been moved. You may post comments in other areas, but make it appropriate. Tips is to offer tips to sellers/buyers, Fiverr FAQ is for general questions, etc.

First, you need to sell yourself. You have to love helping people, be real and honest. Have a product that is allowed on the site, a product you can provide. Be willing to customize. Help out others where you can. Offer insights for other sellers on here. I haven’t got a sale yet, but I have had some interest. I have been on here for three weeks, and my friend who suggested this site to me made a sale within a week. She offers the same main service I offer. You never know who will want to buy from you, but you won’t ever get sales if you don’t sell yourself. You are your brand. You have to show people why to trust you and why to invest in you.

And that’s advice, I am not a buyer on here. This is something you (the author of this post) can really benefit from. Think on it.

Look at the forums from time to time, see if you can help someone or offer advice they can benefit from. If nothing else, it just feels good to help others and builds your character as a seller.

Good luck!

@Jonbaas @fonthaunt :- my gigs still active and i didn’t make any fake like or reviews nor adhere fiverr policy all legit likes from my gigs.

@daleszewczyk :- thanks to your advice I will promote my services more now, also trying to put a genuine service, it’s a myth that people getting likes from bots my gigs all from humans
and legit.