ZERO sales for a week, after having regular sales almost everyday. New VO pricing to blame? (3 - topic duplication)


WHY? Oh, WHY? Have my sales just STOPPED, after I changed the VO pricing? It’s just, ZERO SALES, none, ZIP, ZERO!

What is going on?


Wow, that’s a bad thing. Did you have regular customers or always different people? I would check the stats of your gigs and if they went to 0 you should definitely contact CS.


I think we discussed this about a week ago. In what way did you change the pricing?


He may be referring to the new VO pricing structure Fiverr is implementing. I’ve mentioned this a few times on here already, but lots of people who had regular new clients contacting them and ordering have seen a huge drop and only have previous clients to keep afloat.

As far as the pricing, anything is possible, but I’ve heard from multiple other VO artists that the pricing has actually increased their sales.

There is definitely something going on this summer in terms of experimentation and we just have to ride the wave and see where this ends up. It is very difficult.


Do you get paid by Fiverr for commenting or something? You’re not even in
the VO category, I believe you don’t have the authority in knowing how VO
works. It’s like I would have an opinion in your gigs, I know nothing about
them. There’s definitely something weird going on with sales that has
NOTHING to do with my pricing. Please don’t post any generic comments
again. I’ll appreciate that.


@carloscerrato Wow I was just trying to help! What’s the problem with that?


That’s very rude - @misscrystal offered some good advice when you posted previously:

Added - this is now the third similar thread you’ve made about lack of recent sales.

It’s the summer holiday - it happens.


Whoa. She is just trying to help. She’s also a TRS who has been here for years, knows the system, the ups and downs, and takes time out of her schedule to help other people. You might want to listen to her.

And apologize.


This forum is open to everyone. You can’t tell people not to post when you ask a question.
All I did was ask you to clarify the problem.


You always post the same canned comment in all my posts, about “experimenting with prices” and saying “your gig is too expensive”, when it is not. Your gig and my gig are very different, and I think I also have experience in Fiverr, and although you are a TRS, you are in a very different category, so answering the same thing in every post won’t be much of a help.

I apologize if you think I was rude, but your “help” is not really helpful at all.


Few people have offered good advice other than “it’s the season”. I’m still trying to get a comment from Fiverr about the VO pricing change, and even posted a support ticket about that, still no response. I believe this change they made has affected many people I just hope things get back on track.


Like every change that happens, there are some who gain in search results and others who lose out as was mentioned by a user on the last thread you posted about this.
Your gigs show up in search for the correct filters so there is not a technical issue.
What you do next is up to you but Miss Crystal has given you one option which is to lower prices for a period. This is a good approach and can encourage sales during a slow period for you and just because you prefer not to does not take away the validity of her suggestion.
Please don’t ask people not to comment, the forum is here to encourage discussion and for people to share ideas.

If you havent seen it already, you may find this post helpful.


Posting the same thing in multiple threads repeatedly doesn’t seem to be much of a help to you either.

Keep your prices as they are and pray for a miracle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish you the best of luck.


Calm down, Miss Crystal is just trying to help.


First of all I understand your frustration.

I am not sure if it has anything to do with the new pricing structure but I have seen other complaints about the lack of sales in the VO category.

When I switched to the new pricing structure I didn’t get any sales for about 3 days. Fiverr seems to be shuffling gigs around like crazy. So your position in search might also play a factor. Not to mention them experimenting with the average price.
If some buyers are able to see your average price listed, they might not even want to click on your gigs.

One thing I noticed though with the new pricing structure is, buyers seem to be a kind of confused about the gig extra for commercial/broadcast rights.

I would suggest for you to play around with it.

I have to agree with Misscrystal on this one. I also think you priced yourself out of the market, especially if TRS in your category with 10k+ sales offer 125 words without commercial/broadcast rights (English VO) .

I see another seller in your category with 2k+ sales who offers 100 words for $5 and CL for only $5 (Spanish VO), that seller doesn’t charge for broadcast rights either.


I wouldn’t pay $100 for the commercial license. It looks like I’m not alone in feeling that way.


It is a thing companies do to cover their tail. They want to know they can use their purchase however they want. He can lower it to any price but that isn’t affecting his sales, at least not that much. As @annai80 and others have said, Fiverr is making changes right now and we don’t know exactly what they’re doing. It’s the summer of experimentation! Some are getting a lot of new customers and are showing up in the search a lot, and some are not.


And you know this how?


I don’t know why OP started this thread if he doesn’t want people to respond to him. Very rude.


I don’t mean to say that I know it as fact, but from my experience and from other sellers, a lot of companies just buy the normal product and don’t even worry about the Rights. Previously, customers would buy the Commercial Rights if they were worried about it. Now that they’ve split the Rights to Commercial and Broadcast, some even just go with the cheaper Commercial Rights and think they’re fine. But in my experience, many don’t even pay for the Rights and just roll the dice. If a company is buying a voice over for broadcast and are concerned about the Rights, they’ll pay it. But many just buy a voice over and assume they’ll be fine.

However I do agree he should lower them and see what happens. Better to make 1 $50 sale than 0 $100 sales. And it seemingly can’t get any worse for him!