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Zero Search Results



I’m just checking to see, is anyone having a problem where no search results are being displayed?



Yup. I just noticed the strange phenomenon. For a second there, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. :hushed:


Just check it no problem at all.


Which browser are you using? Mine isn’t showing a single thing.


I can see gigs when I browse through categories, but not when I type a word in the search bar.


Try to search with Mozilla Firefox. I have checked with Google Chrome and Firefox. I am not able to get result in Chrome but It will work with Firefox browser. Try once and let me know

Hope this will help



That may be it, I’m using Google Chrome, it’s not working there nor Internet Explorer (just tried it to see), I don’t have Mozilla installed, I’ll give it a day and see what happens. Thank you for the responses and feedback.



Okay Wait and watch if something come up here!!



Please clear cache nd cookies from your browser then deactivate the ineternet connection and reactivate again.



Thanks very much for your suggestion, that was the first thing that was done prior to posting on the forums.


oh i see, it’s a fiverr bug. Hope it will be fix soon


I’m using chrome maybe you should clear your history and cache.


Bug in search running from over the year…Whenever you do ask to them…You’ll get reply… “We are experimenting in our search algorithm”. :smile:


From my end, everything is working fine even with Google Chrome.


If you do notice the search result. There is 95% gigs are newly created within a month or more…Not the old gigs are showing in the result. :smile:


This bug good for newbies. Ha? :slight_smile:


All seems to be fixed, looks like Fiverr fixed the issue, it wasn’t a cache problem as mentioned earlier as before I post anything I run through all the generic possibilities, but awoke this morning to the issue fixed.


It is fixed now! check again