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Zero to Hero In Life



Today I m going to share my past with you guys. Before one year I was working in a company as a Web Developer but it was unpaid internship for three months, they said we start paying you after three months, I started working their but after three months they fired me, they used me just like a toy, I cried every day and night but I never give-up I lived without breakfast and lunch three months, I saw every day tears in my mom eyes it was so hurt, then I started working here on fiverr. Today my mom so proud of me and I started my own bushiness no more need to work for any buddy. there was just one reason of my success my MOM :heart_eyes:

Please I request you everyone love your mom first before anything else she is everything in life.

Also I really want to thanks Fiverr who gave me amazing platform for living happy life. Thank you so much fiverr.


Keep Winning @ericdaniel002 :sunglasses:


Love the title… This is what I call a comeback story. Extra brownie points for making your Mom proud. :relaxed:
I always give this advice to the ladies… “Find yourself a Hero and drop the Zeroes.” :smile:

:arrow_down: If you love Justice League give this post a :purple_heart:! :wink:


Here in the UK, it’s Mothers’ Day tomorrow, so don’t forget to give your mum an extra big hug - flowers and chocolates wouldn’t go amiss either I’m sure!


It’s a great story, to ensure continued success here on Fiverr, I would recommend that you stop using VPN for your location. You are clearly not in the U.S

Fiverr has started phone verification for accounts and it is slowly being rolled out to all users.

Do you think you will be able to verify your account with a U.S phone number?


I m sure I will. but whats your suggestion?


Not sure what you are asking here.

Are you from the US and NOT using a VPN?


I was in US but now I m in dubai. what should I do. help me out. I m using VPN now


Oh, why do you have to use a VPN?

UAE has NO proxy restrictions over


Stop using VPN - Fiverr will eventually pick up your current location.


are you sure? they will not block me?


I travel too much thats why I m scared.


They won’t block you just because you’ve moved - please just switch the VPN off.


alright. Thanks I m going to switch off.


Any problems, please jst let CS know that you’ve moved - they’d rather that than you using VPN - good luck!


I just switched off now. still working my account. I m scared. my family live on fiverr. I m so scared


My fingers are crossed for you!


what do you think they will change?


I’m not sure how long it takes to pick up your new location I’m afraid, but don’t worry about it - you’ve done really well, and I hope it keeps getting better for you!

Good luck!


How often do you travel? Like every week or in a greater frequency.

It would be ideal to contact Customer Support and let them know of your travel plans.

And keep a screenshot of the conversation so if anything happens in the future you will have proof that you notified customer support of the situation before hand.

Good Luck. :thumbsup: