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Zip, docs, pdf, Are they safe?


Hi Everyone, Want to ask some questions.

Is it safe to download these files when a buyer send it to you. if not, whats the preventive measure? I receive scripts normally through docs, pdf and zip files. That’s why I need to know whether its safe or not.



To my experience, PDFs are usually the safest…


Hi MT,
Downloading ANY unknown file is alright if it is NOT opened or executed.

:bulb: The best thing to do is always have a USB pen-drive attached to your workstation.

Download any unknown files there, so you can always delete them without being stored on your workstation Hard-drive.

Viruses are almost-non existent now, what the majority of issues that take place are due to “malware”.

:warning: So use a program like Malware Bytes. To check all files before opening them.


So whats the best one between those 3?

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Hi, you are good to go with pdf file but avoid downloading docx or rar/zip files

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Dj, when you open the file even from USB it spreads its poison anyhow. Isn’t it?

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Yes, that is why do not open an unknown file before scanning for malwares on it.

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Woah so every time I downplay a file, I have to scan it, Isn’t it ?

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None of them are safe.
Zip<.doc <.pdf

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Why would anyone send you a script as a zip file? Scripts are short.

Scanning all files is a good idea, and so is disabling all macros in Word.


They don’t usually contain only script. They have high resolution logo pics, voice over, visual instructions and other stuff as well…

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Have done more than 120 videos, didnt scan a single script. That thing seems laborious.


All right, it makes sense to send you logo pics and other files you need for the video.

You say that they send you voice over and visual instructions. Do you mean that they send them in separate files? Both the voice over and the visual descriptions are parts of a video script. Or is it easier for you to work with separate files?


Voice over is in mp3 form, visual instructions are in docs and script is in another docs file because pricing depends upon script’s words count.

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I don’t have an anti-virus installed, I don’t have a anti-malware installed, never had them in the last 15 years.

It all depends on whether you know the source sending/downloading the file is trustworthy or not.

It is indeed laborious in context of files being checked due to work, but since you created this topic, I gave an answer to it.

So the ball’s :tennis: in your court now.

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@saddu_writer Thank you for the explanation!

When you say ‘script’, do you mean script for the voice over, or video script?

A video script (AV script, audio visual script) is usually a two-column script with the left column describing the visuals, while the right column is for the voice over (highlighting the right column gives the word count for the voice over).

What do you usually receive?

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Video script is a docs file that contain all the text on which video is going to be created. I send it to the voice guy and he record it.

The visual docs contain video script plus visuals. For example,

Script: do you want to make money?
Visuals: draw a guy counting dollars.

And that usually depend on buyers. Some send the visual description while other give me a free hand.

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How do I know buyers who contact me for the first time ( mostly) … :roll_eyes:


You don’t so up to you whether you want to follow this:
Better safe than sorry

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All right, then we both say ‘video script’, but mean different things. :smile_cat:

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