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Zip file is safe for order delivery

hello everyone, today I delivered my first order in a zip file then I got a message “This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.” Is it possible to download the files and cancel the order?

please advice


Why do you want to cancel the order? Once it’s delivered, the customer has gotten what they paid for and the order is complete – unless they request a revision.

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I am asking that the client download the files and after that can he cancel the order himself? I have sent my work completed but I am showing this message “This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.”

Ah! I don’t think you have anything to worry about – at that stage the buyer would have to contact customer service in order to get a refund, and the buyer would have to prove (to CS) that the order was not delivered as described on the gig page. As long as you’ve delivered what you said you would deliver, the buyer doesn’t really have grounds for cancellation.

I wouldn’t worry about it :partying_face:


ohh thank you so much. i’m safe… :blush:

This is normal massage from fiverr, In future after deliver order you will get his massage every time. If buyer do not give revision or review , you will get money after 3 days.


thank you for guide me. really very helpful answer.

yes its happen…im morning i got that message too…but it normal

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it’s possible to download the zip files.
but if the buyer is not happy then he/she can request for modification or the buyer can send “Order Cancel” Request.