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Zirtual going out of business?

Lately I’ve been getting 3 to 5 sales per day just from old Zirtual clients. Every client that I have who’s used a Zirtual Assistant has been real easy to please. Most of them just need basic VA services and nothing too complicated. I’m getting to the point where I’m having to hire a new virtual assistant every week. Is anyone else having the same experience?

I’ve even created a new gig for just for this…

Is Zirtual going out of business?

Just got another client from Fancy Hands! This client was with Zirtual then found when Zirtual went out of business and now thanks to fiverr… she’s my client!

Thanks again Zirtual!
***If you’re a VA that use to work there and now you’re on fiverr, I’d love to work with you.

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I have friends that work at Amazon here in Irvine California and they showed me how they track and flag fake reviews. This is the reason we stopped offering Amazon Reviews as a gig. I’ve also heard of many Amazon users getting their store shut down if they are linked to a user that offers positive reviews as a service.

For our clients… referral incentives, special gift offers, and customer satisfaction surveys have shown a great increase in sales.

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