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Zoom meetings? are they allowed

hey so i am a buyer on fiver and an agency owner, i have a client who has complex requirements and it would be better if i could connect the freelancer with the client via zoom so that he could understand better, is that possible


No, never. As Fiverr has a strict policy that no one can contact for any reason outside the Fiverr. If you do your and sellers account may disabled by Fiverr.


Hello My dear Brother
Fiverr Not allow
so Nothing to to do. :expressionless:

i have worked with another seller and he did zoom and nothing happend to his account

Lucky one, But never thought the every time you will lucky.

is there a place where i can contact fiverr support

Please avoid contact without Fiverr,
but if you need very Urgent You can contact first Fiverr Team, After contact fiverr Teaam if they say you can contact then it will be best.
Please contact Fiverr team, I hope they will give a best solution. They are very Responsible.
Thanks My Dear Brother

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Its not alowed by Fiverr and it is against their TOS.

nothing happend

Because they didn’t get caught. You were both breaking ToS.

You can contact CS through the help center:

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Not it is forbidden by fiverr i think

The complete section of the ToS regarding your query, with relevant text emphasized.
I would highly recommend taking the time to read it in it’s entirety, as you are bound by them as of signing up for an account.


@sadsam200 dear sir. Fiber systems do not support communicating outside of fiber…:blush: