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20% of the gig? really? and what do I get in return?

Hi all,
As a freelancer for many years, for the middle man 20% of the gig is A LOT.
And you know what… I’m OK with that only if I can benefit from it.
For example give 50% of the 20% as discount for an online course, Or discount for being a PRO or something that you can offer.


You don’t pay for being a pro therefore there can’t be discounts for being a pro.

This question was discussed many times if it’s fair or not.
However you signed fiverr TOS and agreed for this 20% commission.


You “pay” 20% in order to receive 80%. I don’t know but to me that seems like a good deal compared to you paying 0% and receiving 0% because you’re not working on Fiverr.


It’s a relatively small fee to pay in order to be here.

Think of it this way: you are paying 20% for sales you wouldn’t get otherwise.

But then again, Fiverr is not for everyone.

You are free to delete your account and move to another platform where they charge 5%.


You pay 20% to get a platform to sell your services on. A platform used by millions of buyers.

I can tell you that 20% is much less than many other online platforms. For example, I also earn money from YouTube and Steam. Steam takes 30% of all earnings, while YouTube, I believe, takes closer to 50%.


Yes, I can understand the frustration. I take orders direct through my own website, which costs me a fair bit monthly for the privilege, as well as PayPal fees, and I can assure you these fees outweigh the fees of Fiverr. I also sell on specific marketplaces that have fees ranging from 35% to 60%, which is a bit more than the 20% Fiverr takes. Whilst it isn’t the greatest, you would not otherwise have access to the customers here. You’re paying for the privilege of an in-built audience without having to work through the ocean of SEO, design etc to get a professional website off the ground


You can solve this really simple.

Raise your prices by 25%, then it’s the same that not giving fiverr 20%.

For example, if you have a $100 gig, now you will give $20 to fiver and you will get $80, right?

Now if you want to get $100 (instead $80), just raise it to $125, then you will get $100, and fiverr $25.

Moral of this? Stop looking on what fiverr is earning, and start looking on what you want/need to earn.

Fiverr offers the best online freelancer platform in the world. They have expanses like any other company, plus they want to profit, like any freelancer.

So focus on what you earn, not what others are earning.

and what do I get in return?

Just a millionaire online freelancing platform.


In my country children get free school, free health care, police is free to use if someone is trying to murder you, fireman’s are also free in case you have fire, old people get monthly checks etc.

Nice ha?

There is a catch. I work and government gets 45% of what I make.

If you do not have parents, children, are healthy, no one is trying to murder you and you are not burning your house down, you lose 45% of your income every month - for nothing.

So 20% is OK.


Just change your price :slight_smile:
Or sign up to become a pro? This does not have to be a problem. You get a great platform to create some sales.

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