5 Days old in fiverr, still no luck


I have been created gig 5 days ago and still no luck. what should I do to get my first order. advise from pro’s. Any suggestions? and I really appreciate your help. pardon me if my English wrong.


Bro I get my first order after 3 months of account creation, Fiverr is Now Not easy for new sellers.
send offers to buyer request daily, and stay online max hours. you will get order soon.

Best of luck


Thanks Bro,
Appreciate Your Tip.
But I can’t send buyers request. when I asked from resolution center they said that my “seller rating is currently less than the rating expected from sellers who use our Custom Offers and Buyer Requests features.” and also I’m a new seller who have no rating yet, Is there any other tips/option to get my first order?.


Something that can help you :wink:


Thanks @wp_kid
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Think of your gigs like a landing page.
Then you need a tarffic from a source who wants to buy your product


Thanks @backlinks_index
Yep, I know that my gig is like a landing page. Thing is how do I increase my traffic? how to attract target customers?.


I use the website and direct the traffic from the website to my gigs.
So if gigs are blocked.
I still have a traffic source.
So it’s easy to create new gigs and drive the same traffic to my gigs.

You must use subscription system to make order.
Do not rely on traffic from fiverr.
Because fiverr keeps updating and creating headaches if you do not follow the onpage search algorithm of fiverr


Thanks @backlinks_index
I think that something I can do. Appreciate for your tip,


When I first put up a gig on Fiverr, I forgot about it. Then a couple of weeks later, there I am losing a game of centurion badly in my local bay and guess what happens? I get ping alerted to be very first Fiverr order.

just take it easy.


Thanks @cyaxrex,
That is some answer that I can keep my faith.


I got my first order after few days but i’m lucky i have good social media recognition, so maybe try to build your social media and promote your self :slight_smile:


Thanks @sebastianevans,
I have to build it from foundation. But it’s worth trying.


it take some more time than 5 days but you will surely get some sales. keep up


it took me 1 month for my first order. about 3 years ago.

now I have completed almost 7000 orders

do not expect entering on fiverr and it will rain orders. Be better that your competitors (starting by your cover).

You are competing with the best freelancers in the world.

Fiverr never was easy. To sell better, be better


We call this process, “marketing”. If you want to attract more customers and traffic, you’re going to have to go find your target customers, and tell them about what you do. Sitting around and waiting for sales and success is not going to make you successful… or bring you sales.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. What are you DOING to promote your gig?


There are many gigs on fiverr which means you need to stand out. I suggest you promote your gig outside of fiverr. On blogs and social media pages relevant to the service your offering. By having outsiders visit your page and click on your gig youll get more impressions and you will benefit from it!

Best of luck to you!


Try try try until you succeed :slight_smile:


@elmareyders , @traffictutor Thanks for the Motivation :smile:


Yes @xuntes I think your right. I have to try hard. thanks for the mortivation speech :wink: