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60 days no order

completed 60 days without any order :cry: :cry: :cry:


Did you try promoting and sending buyer requests? How good is your gig information? You can check #Fiverr-Tips for more information regarding getting orders. Don’t lose hope, just make sure everything is in order before trying to get orders.

don’t be depress… Stay connected. Go and do gig marketing on social media.

Same with me. I’m constantly sending buyer requests and advertising in social media. Hoping for the best.

Don’t be upset…promote your gig …best of luck…keep moving

You should be work with patient. carry on

Hi @creation333

Sorry for saying this…, but your gig is very bad.
Your gigs just like a newbie seller trying his luck on fiverr.

Background removal is very common on fiverr…,
Tons of new seller has this service…, with better service and thumbnail.
You failed convince buyer why they must order from you.

If you want to get order, try to make different gigs (NEW SELLER can have 7 gigs)
You should maximize your options.

Seconds gig: How you guarantee that your email list is not FAKE BOT?
You didn’t explain any of this…,

With your current gig, it’s almost imposible to get first order.
You need to work harder build your gigs.
Try to learn from your main competitor — BUT DO NOT 100% Copy Paster from their gigs

Wish you luck,

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6 days Without Oder brother don’t Worry’s .

Check out these articles for more help:


don’t worry for that you need to continue i hope that you will success very soon

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Send you buyer request,stay online as long as you can ,promote your gigs

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Same with me
I am also logon this website many days, no any orders.
Anyway, we still need to working hard.


It’s a common issue for new seller. Just keep patience and try to upgrade yourself with new skills as well. Definitely the success will be yours one day.