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A big Doubt - Buyer request

Hey everyone, something new that I need to discuss.

I am a translator and editor.

I often receive some requests in the buyer request section which do not belongs to my language and those are hindi and English. So remove those request.

My question is, do you think that effect the trend of receiving buyers request?

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Same question as this? Buyer request issue1


@imagination7413 but I still didn’t receive the answer. LOL

I think it’s halfway between Fiverr’s criterias for BRs not being precise enough and the gig/profile tags available being too broad.

I do ENG/ITA translation and I see the darndest stuff, like English to Chinese, Japanese and so on.


Exactly! I think Fiverr should prioritise BR’s too :grinning:

The answer was there.

There is no solid ‘yes or no’ answer to your question, so the answer is a logical conclusion based on available information.