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A Blast from the Past: What's your fave Childhood Toy 🚀 or 🎮 Game?

A Blast from the Past: What’s your fave Childhood Toy :rocket: or :video_game: Game?
I’m taking you back in time :watch: to your childhood years. :smiley:

OK so if you were hiding under a rock or something.

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All right, so you’re all caught up to speed.

Eoin nominated @NewsMike who created the What’s for dinner tonight? :yum: thread. Then Mike nominated moi to start a new thread.

The next person, I nominate to create a new thread is @offlinehelpers, you’re up next, dahling! :sunny: :wink:

So, here goes…

Share photo(s) or talk about your favorite childhood toy(s) or game(s). Y’all don’t be shy now… Y’hear? Guys if you played with dolls fess up. Ladies if you played with G.I. Joes spill the beans. :joy:

Easy right?

OK, I’ll get this Show~N~Tell started; these are a few of my faves in no particular order! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  1. Connect 4 ~ I kicked so many :peach:es playing this game.

  2. Hopscotch ~ LOVE, playing this with my cousins/friends. I was fancy with my chalk designs, too.

  3. Bloody Mary ~ OMG, this was a creepy game, we would go into the girls’ bathroom at school, kill the lights and say “Bloody Mary” a few times. Running out the bathroom screaming like we were being butchered. I swear, I’ve seen Mary a few times in the mirror LOL. :sweat_smile:

  4. Cabbage patch, Barbie & Paper dolls ~ Yup, I was a cabbage patch kid. :relaxed: Dress up & tea parties were a regular thing at my house. :tea:

  5. Jacks ~ Gosh, the memories, I remember storing them in a huge bubble gum jar. My skills were on point! Girls envied me. :stuck_out_tongue:

:small_red_triangle_down: Your turn :small_red_triangle_down:


For years I was into video games :slight_smile: (It’s been like 10+ years since my last video game)
One of my favorites was Contra because this was probably one of the few games that you could play with a friend.



Jacks for me too @nikavoice - they were made at the local foundry, so were very heavy castings. Made for bruised hands but a lot of fun!


Growing up with other male siblings, I couldn’t escape video games. :smile:


I :heart: playing Jacks. My collection was ginormous.


This was the best football (soccer) game around in 1995.
It contained every team in the world and had both the arcade “playing the games” and the management aspect so you could pick the team, move from club to club in a career, make transfers etc. Such a good game. I remember playing this all the time when my friends would be playing the first FIFA game on their sega megadrives where all you had to do is activate the “turbo button” and hold down “C” to win every game.

I still play this today when I want to think about something important or mentally plan a job I am doing. Keeps my eyes focused while my mind focuses on something else. #malemultitaskingisnotamyth



Whoa! I’m sure you’re good at it, too.
Excluding any distractions then you’re in trouble. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Interesting arcade game tho! The :musical_note: music really woke me up! :coffee:

Pinball was a fave of mine.

@newsmike I had a feeling that you were a G.I. Joe kinda guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Chess playing memories…

When we were deserving of a present we would ask for #anothercarmat!

And of course the classic… I remember having games lasting several hours!


When we play Monopoly, my son can no longer be the banker, He’d end the game with hotels on all his properties and 20K more in cash than when he started.


I play monopoly once in awhile with a twist. The winner (Real Estate Mogul) wins real :money_with_wings: a cool $50 bill or more if folks are feeling generous. :money_mouth_face:


Ahhh, the benefits of being the banker.
To be fair, IRL most bankers end up better off than their customers too so he has learned a valuable life lesson.

Takes something pretty special to distract me :smiley:

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downloadToy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue Gameplay

It was not my first ever video, game but it’s my favorite one, I have no clue why. Whenever I have more free time I play through it. Didn’t even bother to count how many times I have beat this game.

Captin Claw, another great game that I played a lot, but it was too difficult for me, I guess I was playing the same level over and over for months. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another game that I have played through a lot.

All of those games are few years older tha me. I inherited them from my cousins. LOL

Toys, I’ve had a lot. But I don’t have favorites. :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on Freaky, I want to know what kind of toy(s) you played with. :smile:

I played with this.
I had interesting conversations LOL. :crazy_face:


Hmm, sounds fascinating! A unique being or thing to make Eoin drop everything or make his heart go pitter-patter. :sunglasses:


This is a fun one. Ok, so this is easy - I still have some of my more durable toys! I used to have around one hundred of these collectible horses (unfortunately well played-with) and I still have one or two. They would be valuable today if not beaten up. This is one that I still have:


This was popular during my pre-high school years and I had a can or two:

By High School I was lucky enough to have video games. Not every kid in my town even knew what they were. My parents enjoyed technology early so they were willing to ante up for used versions of the hottest new things out like microwaves, remote-controlled TV’s, and our Atari 2600. (No, I’m not kidding, I’m old. They seemed amazing then!) My Mom and I spent hours playing Breakout on the Atari:

I moved on to a computer while in my second year of college and never looked back. This is the first one I had although my first one used cassette tapes for programs, not the disk drive in this image:



it is
Computer games
Fifa is my favorite game

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Super Mario

Cadillac and Dinosaurs

Chess was my favorite in my childhood and Monopoly :smiley: Nowadays I play Clash Royale ,Liberatoretors (on FB)


We had long games too, I always did like Monopoly as long as there were snacks on hand! My strategy was never Park Place and Boardwalk. I bought up the crap properties like Baltic Ave and those light blue ones. I’d hotel them up and slowly but surely rake in the cash. I guess I was a slumlord now that I think about it. I hope I was nice to those tiny people living in my hotels. :thinking:


@nikavoice, it’s boring they were mostly Burago cars, I’ve had tons of them and I can’t remember most. Coming by original toys, ones that were popular in the Western world were expensive here, and mostly I had counterfeit action figures. Somehow, I remember the video games a lot more than the toys. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, the best combination ever, MAME32, this ROM and infinite credits. THOSE WERE THE DAYS! :blush:

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