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A button to CONTACT the seller instead of ordering directly

I have been selling on Fiverr since 2012

And there will ALWAYS be buyers who do not read the gig description. For some jobs sellers MUST be contacted before a job is started.

Because of buyers like this I got demoted from a Top Rated Seller to a Level 2 seller.

This month I am going to be a Level 1 seller.

PLEASE FIVERR. Sellers are getting punished for things that are out of their control.


This, then? Changing the way on receiving orders

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Not exactly, but a similar problem.

You see, I work with apps on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. I convert websites into apps.

Apple and Google have rules as to which websites they accept, and which they do not.

So if I get orders 100% without people letting me check the websites first, I will get around 30% cancellation rate, technically without my fault.

And there are months when you get such a bad luck when you run into many such people, so you get hit with too many nails on your coffin.

I hope this elaborates it a bit? @imagination7413

I love Fiverr, but the system is broken for people like me, and there is a lot of us.

They can at least assign an optional CONTACT instead of BUY button to selected categories. In the programming part people want to be contacted before ordering anyway.

The speed of orders won’t lose much, and the seller levels and ratings will be more realistic. So buyers will get better sellers.

You can already ask people to contact you first - and explain why this is vital for a good outcome. Whether they do is trickier.

In your Requirements, you can place questions like: Please agree that we have already spoken about this job before hiring?

If they say they haven’t, or say they have but haven’t you can at least ask CS to cancel. However the stats still take a hit.

You have to find a way to make the buyer WANT to talk to you first. That could be a Discount (not that I like that path) so your Price is X and you make a Custom job after the required conversation and approval for X-Y.

You could take away the Main Gig and sell a Gig where you have this conversation - maybe $5. From there you offer the Custom gig of doing the actual wrapping job.


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The only way I found to get consistent results is to up your prices a lot, and state on the gig that the client should contact you to get a custom offer. Make it too expensive to order directly, and people will contact you first.

It shouldn’t have to be this way, we should get an option to only allow orders after prior contact, but as things stand this is the only method that works.


This ^ is also a very important thing to consider. People will fire off $5 gigs all day. But as soon as the gig is $50 or $500, they suddenly get a lot more involved in the whole process.

Upping your base price may just do most of that hard work for you.


Hi, I have heard a lot about being demoted. How can this happen?

It is for people who worry more about Stats and badges than the work they do.

However it does happen. It takes maintaining certain targets to get and keel a level. So if you mess up one of more of those things in any 60 day cycle, you can drop a level. It is not a thing one would hope for. I would be sad to lose my L1.

That said my L1 seems to have achieved nothing for me so having/not having seems immaterial. Same with badges elsewhere.


@benedictrm Shouldn’t I worry if I get demoted from a TOP RATED SELLER to a Level 1 seller because of things that are not my fault?

I don’t really understand sorry, but is it already button there that buyer can use to contact us, seller first before they place the order?

I received a lot of message from buyer and discuss about the job first before they place the order.

No, there is no online video option before opening the order. You need to message in the messaging system. In that way, you have all the information in writing. It is far better. Don’t be encouraged to contact them any other way, it is not allowed on fiverr.

Of course you worry, it is good to want to have proof of your goodness of service etc.

BUT it is not the everything. The everything is actually doing that Good, or Great even, Work. From that the badges should flow (of little consequence).

Part of doing that good work is (sadly) in managing the people who come to you. No point having a cure for world hunger if no one wants it :wink: This I already said to you above.

Manage how and why customers some to you. That is the real ‘secret’ in business.


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It is not the secret in search results though.

Anyway, my work is still good, my product is unique, the customer service is professional… The only thing “bad” thing happening right now is what I described earlier.

I think you are not wanting to see that I am suggesting a different way of viewing the situation.

You can indeed choose to only view things the one set way but as I showed in another similar thread there is a definite correlation between successful (and reasonably happy) sellers and not caring a lot about badges. Equally between struggling sellers and badge and rank obsession.

Still, entirely up to you where you choose to put your energies. Please just don’t assume that being dismissive of those who do offer help is necessarily helping anyone.