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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


Well, that’s my case also. And seems they are forcing us to split big-medium size orders into smaller ones to compensate. It is an intrusive measure.


Thank you very much for such a useful post!


And this just 2-months after buyers started asking for custom bulk orders to negate the new service fee! (At least in my case).


Most buyers will not accept to spilt their orders, to avoid the new fees…


I used my phone to check out how gigs appear and it’s worse than I thought.

My higher priced offering seems like a new gig next to someone’s cheaper $5 gig that has over 60 sales during this 60-day period.

I saw one of @cyaxrex ‘s gig that had 0 reviews and that looked even worse.

On mobile there’s no way to see lifetime reviews at a glance.

Are they trying to keep us in check?

Like we have the monthly evaluations but at the same time we need to make as many sales as possible per month to stay relative?

Does that mean that Fiverr now expects us to lower our rates from time to time or break down large orders to several smaller ones?

Makes 0 sense.

Has this feature rolled out globally?
Is there any chance they are still beta testing and it might get scrapped?


I don’t see it unless I’m using incognito mode. But maybe, as CS loves to say, I just need to “clear my cache/cookies”.


If that was a real estate video gig, I do have one with 0 reviews. I only reactivated these recently due to Fiverr creating a new category specifically for this niche.

Personally, this would be a turn off even if I could wave a magic wand and ensure 60 reviews on every gig per month.

When I create a new gig and it starts selling, I am very flexible when it comes to satisfying even horrible buyers. As I build reviews, I then notch up prices and start becoming less flexible as I deal with more professional clientele. Now there is no incentive to build up reviews at all, as all that social proof will just be wiped away 2-months later. (At least visibly.)

I do not work here to be considered a perpetual newbie. Plus I already have to make allowances for the hamster wheel of death which is St Levels.

It seems to still be being rolled out gradually. I was still seeing reviews in the old format until a couple of days ago, despite others complaining before this.


That’s my main concern as well.

They are reinstating a race to the bottom.

My gigs will just sit there showing 5-6 reviews against $5 offerings that will show dozens.

So maybe Fiverr is expecting us to lower prices?

I agree with you that once a gig starts selling we as sellers pivot to a higher priced position.

It looks like that advantage is being stripped from our playbook.


The situation is serious. The business analysis don’t look good for anyone here, specially Fiverr company. I wish I could do more to fix the terrible implications of this “tiny change” that will wipe out the market if nothing is done. I wrote that post, but I feel we are just watching the incoming tsunami while eating popcorn in a comfortable chair on the beach.


Mine will too! This is why we should start arranging Fiverr seller support groups. Throw the fancy meetups out the window. Soon we’ll need access to foodbanks and specialist trauma counselors. I might even start my own FF group to help people recover from past Fiverr dependency. (I’ll let you imagine what FF would stand for).

As for lowering prices, I can’t see why Fiverr would push for this. I think that in the strange world inhabited by Fiverr devs, their goals are simply to leverage PRO and simultaneously encourage non-PRO sellers to bring in more buyers. - That will never work. There were already barriers in the way of doing this before. Now a seller would have to be a complete fruitcake to actively market themselves on Fiverr as opposed to another platform where they get to build up their brand without restriction.


Absolutely, I totally agree. That will never work.


i wd love to join that group.!! In the past 2 month - My earnings gone down 3000$ to 0$ now.

Even My earnings showing in negative balance because of some order cancellation by Fiverr support after 6 month of order completion.

I think, We are just wasting our time To paying 20% to our hardwork for fiverr with No respect and care!!


My gut feeling is that there is worse to come. I can see Fiverr eventually scrapping gigs which don’t reach minimum monthly sales targets. That might sound very negative and catastrophic. However, 2018 has seen Fiverr seem to build up to some kind of awful crescendo and I don’t think we’ve got to the full climax yet.

Part of me even thinks that Fiverr might now be purposefully being made to fail. Insurance scam? Micha Kaufman having a funny Elon Musk 5 minutes on Twitter? Who knows… I’m not familiar with the inner workings of Fiverr but it certainly all looks a bit suspect.


OMG! I’m so sorry! I had no idea.


Yes, I feel like Jon Snow by now… I can smell it. There is something big we don’t know.


I imagine the final days will be like: “After a 400% growth in the phantasmagoria that is Fiverr Pro, we’ve noticed that fewer people are using Fiverr to buy services from non-Pro sellers!” (They won’t mention they purposefully killed their own customer base.)

"This is why were now just focusing on Pro. No more $5 gigs, just the best freelancers in the known universe. Like this guy who drew a half-eaten apple once! Oh, and we’re taking Fiverr Pro IPO!"

Que lots of Wall Street and Silicon Valley investment rockstars jumping into invest. Then Que, a massive pump and dump which results in a few people becoming super wealthy (all coincidentally, of course).

Then que there being just the forum left with weed bundles blowing through it and the Mods sinking into drug and alcohol dependency.

Of course, none of what I just wrote likely will happen. But you definetly know somrthing John Snow.


No one will subscribe the IPO!!


People buy anything when celebrities and big numbers are involved. Hence the existence of Kristy Alley and her celebrity health and fitness regimen. - Probably not the best diet to follow in 2018 :wink:


And now look at those gigs with the eyes of a buyer… the situation is even worse.


I agree with You and Fiverr seem forgetting What freelancer mean and Fiverr mean . i have been few years now always Love Fiverr , But most of time thing getting wrong also with those update i see many sales down for me and my friends who doing Fiverr many category , its seem to be they are going to force seller to be active every time as they introduce Evaluation if not the seller Level down , so my personal opinion is its not what freelancer or Fiverr mean this is just a another business. also Fiverr seems forgetting old seller and old days who helped them situation now they are, However now freelancer Like me have no any other way i have to with their update :disappointed_relieved: