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💸 A personal view of Fiverr business model change


Well, this is no different than real life. If your friend is 1 mile away and you don’t have your mobile with you, you just shout as loud as you can :slight_smile: . I hope though our CEO is not 3000 miles away…


Amazing explanation bro


God bless you for this elaborate comment


Yes bro. We all need to learn marketing and system building to get consistent flow of leads and clients


That will always be the case. While they try to market these expensive things, the small ones more accessible are making sale after sale. Is a number’s game. You can’t tell me that a small percentage of the clients (maybe 1%) that are willing to spend money on a Pro gig bring the same amount of cash in as the majority of buyers. I bet they don’t even come close.

While I have no problem with promoting their PROs, they should learn to respect the cash bringers in here. If we are gone, Fiverr is gone. End of story.

I don’t see any veteran being happy with how they are treated here these days. If they keep testing our limits this way, something will happen eventually. I personally think they are laying the foundation of their own downfall. I wish they see it in time to change it for the better.


Wow, that is awful. Where is Fiverr really heading to? Huh!!


There are many companies that can and will purchase a logo for that amount if not more.

No need to be even remotely big as Apple.


How did you arrive to that conclusion?

The majority of Pro sellers in my category were not fiverr sellers, were brought in from the outside with very poor orientation/onboarding process.

They set their prices really high without even trying to make their gigs appealing. The “my portfolio speaks for itself” notion that they will get sales simply because they produce great results means nothing on this platform.

On the other hand I see a handful of Pro sellers -in two specific categories- that make a lot more money that TRS do currently.

I don’t think you need the Pro badge to start offering a more Premium service.

“If you build it, they will come”.

The new wave of Pro sellers will be “regular” Fiverr sellers who pivoted and started offering a premium product.


I am trying to think of a logical reason for only showing the previous 60 days of reviews.

Maybe this is supposed to help Pro sellers get more orders by making regular sellers all look like they just began selling recently and are unproven. It really hurts higher priced sellers especially, who get fewer orders but have higher priced orders. It will remove a lot of competition for the higher priced gigs.


It’s all about targets. For now, Fiverr buyer base is targeted to individuals, small business, reselling, entrepeneurs… believe me, most of the PRO services are at a good, business prince range, they are not expensive at all. The problem here is sellers and buyers have a minimalistic, very low price budget mind. I see everyday a lot of sellers that just don’t value their work, selling their time and efforts at ridiculous prices (at least for a first world economy). Also, I see buyers that come here just to take advantage of almost slavery work. The prices are so minimal that the marketplace lacks of a serious, business appareance and feeling.

What Fiverr team did is introducing a new tier to bring new fresh air to solve this situation. The idea is good, as I said, but not the implementation. That’s why veteran, regular sellers fulfill more orders than PRO sellers. The buyers are more close to regular sellers than PRO.

Is this marketplace healthy? Well… being honest, I think not. Fiverr SHOULD DO something about it. We need a more professional base customer. But, how they can do that business model change? Or… it can be really accomplished?

I think yes, but the measures have to be clever, well thought, and business oriented. Fiverr must keep their workforce, the ones that works well and proved their valuable results, and try to move to a more business grade tier, while keeping the fast/cheap services for the individuals and low budget people.

While the PRO thing may appear as a solution, the implementation is not. Because, rather to create a new tier, they are just downgrading the existing seller base to accomodate the new PRO sellers, which only leads to a total disaster, as the target buyer base just don’t match.

The efforts on the PRO sellers must be done through marketing and only marketing, trying to get into the right niches (medium size business that needs the services offered here), while keeping the veteran seller/buyer base, and upgrading the requisites to get into Fiverr as a seller. That’s the best way to get this marketplace to be regarded as a business grade service provider.

The marketing campaigns don’t follow that idea. Rather than hiring a big name musician, I would have hired a well known CEO or businessman, a business authority. I would rather tried to get into serious business environment, entrepeneurs, coworking spaces, startups… those are willing to pay $1500 for a logo, because they know how important it is.

I would have hired lots of brand ambassadors to get into those environments, people that know those places, that actually go physically there, and talk about Fiverr, and distributed some merchandising there like pens, backpacks, vouchers… make them our new high tier buyers.

Instead of paying a rather naive (even offensive) marketing campaign trying to get more sellers here (no, low quality sellers don’t attract buyers, this is not AV** or some pyramidal structure were your customers sells your products to others, most sellers here are searching for traffic, they don’t have by themselves), make a good, professional, business grade marketing campaign on real platforms like linkedin, not facebook (bleh).

You want Fiverr professional, dear Fiverr team? Well, start doing the right things. Not downgrading the marketplace, doing UI changes that hinders sellers in a “subtle” (well, more like obvious) way.


I got hand-picked so from a begginers point of view it has given me 10 sales. And gave me the boost I needed so I can’t complain. Any model that does not stink of a socialist approach is a good one. A level playing field is not good. Capitalism works. I feel sorry for people that have worked hard over the years to be to top sellers. that helped build the site. But what goes up must come down, gravity sucks


I got hand-picked so from a begginers point of view it has given me 10 sales

Hand-picked by Fiverr? How?
In the original post where he says "the “handpicked 1%” isn’t he talking about the Pro sellers, with the “Pro” badge?


I’m just saying from my point of view the new business model has worked for me. I just started when the change happened. I think Pro is something to aspire to , like the guy who drives around the block in his new $90.000 Porche


Something to aspire to? Really?

It’s an old business model actually. See picture below:



Hi, and welcome to Fiverr. As all things in life, experience is the best asset in business world, and here, in Fiverr, is the same. Soon you will realize how this new model hurts your business here, despite your 10 sales, as you will have to face the lack of regular buyers, which will make you “loose” your stars in 60 days.

In fact, what I have posted benefits mainly people like you, though due to your lack of experience in Fiverr market, you may think it is a good move for your personal benefit. But I am talking about the WHOLE market, including your business you just started. Please read the post carefully. The problem with gravity is that, how it is now, will make you have a hard time to go up, harder than before the new model. Veteran sellers and TRS have a good returning buyers base to keep the 60-days reviews up an running.

But really, that’s not the main concern. The main point here is the downgrade of all market from a buyers point of view, nothing to do with your rising talent badge. In fact, I bet you can handle your orders professionally and efficent, but not all new sellers can or have any business experience, which can lead to a horrible buyers experience if encouraged to hire those services. Yes, we all have to start sometime, and yes, we need support, but, as you said, this is Capitalism, and you have less experience and don’t have proven record of sucessful sales. In fact, receiving an artifical support is an artificial economic interventionism in the marketplace, and you know? Capitalism don’t like interventionism.

I like the spirit though, and I welcome your message, any experience and opinion matters.

I wish you good luck and good sales in Fiverr!


Things are getting harder day by day however let us hope everything goes well and soon there will be ease for the Sellers. Every update affects the Sellers from my point of view.


I have faith in Fiverr team, so I think this is just another step in the process of building a great marketplace. Keep doing the good work.


I do agree but basically before that 60 days review system I used to think FIverr is trying to put in Quality. But now it’s quantity the more reviews you got the more it’s better so quantity over quality I guess!


Well, let’s wait a bit, they are looking into it. Besides, now is quality and quantity, because now a single bad review impacts your average rating deeply (60 days average), so you can’t afford a low quality delivery. I think sellers with batch orders, big projects, or returning buyers who don’t left ratings may be more concerned than others.


Yes, that is also issue because in 10 orders atleast 1-2 will be there who never leave review.