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About to lose my level

Alright. Going through this again.

Way back when Fiverr’s level system changed, I lost my level 2 rating, lost level 1 rating, and then became a no-level seller, solely because I could only get one order within that time, and had to wait for my stats to restart.

I have now gone back to having Level 2, and perfect stats, after finally getting 3 orders in my queue and completing them quickly.

Well, lo and behold, I’m about to lose my level again. I had two orders awaiting buyer requirements…for two years.
Fearing this same sort of ramification from Fiverr and it counting against my level, I let the incomplete orders sit there, sending the occasional message to check in with the buyer. Because they were out of sight and simply hidden under my orders tab, I thought it was fine to keep them as a possibility for a few weeks. After a few months, I honestly forgot about them.

Because the Dashboard just changed and showed those incomplete orders in a huge way on my homepage, I realized they were still incomplete, and decided to go into the Buyer Resolution Center to flag them as incomplete by the buyer. I thought that, considering the over 750 days late (on the buyer’s end) situation, it wouldn’t affect my completion score since it wasn’t even available to complete.

Today I opened my dashboard. The orders are gone, my completion rate went from 100% to 33%.
Fiverr Support says it’s my fault and that I’m going to lose my levels anyway.

Truly angry. Fiverr Support has not, and I feel like never will, protect its sellers.


So, you were penalised because two buyers didn’t complete the gig requirements; you were punished because of something that was out of your control/not your fault?

That’s ridiculous, but unfortunately seems to the the norm on here now.

As a fellow VO artist, I work on another site, where you don’t have direct contact with the client and if there is a problem, you actually speak to a person who has read and understood the issue - they even went as far as to call me from overseas to speak more in depth about the problem. It’s pretty much heaven.

Fiverr does need to raise its game. Perhaps they are too rich to care now. I’m sorry that his happened to you. :frowning:


About to lose my level[quote=“jonrichards, post:2, topic:254965”]
Fiverr does need to raise its game

Agreed!!! I, and other voiceover artists, have sent the development department so many suggestions and constructive critique over the years, and absolutely nothing has changed. I wish, especially now that they’re promoting VO as a huge Fiverr market, that they would make changes to benefit sellers.


Sorry to hear that! Happened me too, but I didn’t lose my levels.


Wow, reading stories like yours is so sad. :anguished:

OMG, that’s pitiful, how can anybody bounce back from that percentage in time before SLD?! IMO ancient orders sitting in queues should be written off. I mean considering the newly changed policy wasn’t avail 2 years ago.

Gah! :persevere:

I truly empathized with you here.


Same situation here, I was level 2 before changing the system. Then I was NewSeller and now I am Level 1, and I will lose it again for low rating because the buyer wanted something that I can not deliver.

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