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Am I allowed to send clients/buyers a form?

Am I allowed to send a Google form (document) to clients/buyers on Fiverr where they can answer some questions to help me improve my gig? In return, the client/buyer would get a discount on an order. I was thinking of doing this as I have a hard time deciding a few things and want to make everything in the gig as perfect as possible.

That’s an interesting question. In normal business, survey’s are a fairly common method of gathering feedback, but I’m not sure Fiverr would go for it in that manner. This ( suggests using your requirements to get feedback, but that wouldn’t permit you to offer a discount through a custom order, though it does mean everyone who does order could fill it in (if you make it optional).

You could message CS and ask directly, though it might take weeks to get a reply.

If you’re open to a non-client’s opinion: Get rid of ‘Unlimited’ immediately. Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

This might help for some things to consider, too, though it’s a bit outdated. Improve My Gig Checklist

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I would not do it this way. Existing clients may give useful feedback in a face-to-face but in a form mostly people will probably tell you to do silly things like increase the amount whilst decreasing the price for their eternal loyalty.

Listen to what the sorts of customers you really want to serve are looking for. It will probably be dependability & innovation far more than trivial things like price*.


*studies in car industry showed that most people (even those who fought over price) couldn’t remember what they actually paid for their car in as little as 3 months after delivery. By then, all they cared about is if it does what they need it to.

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