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Any Advice . please

Hello every one , can you please help in this situation .
i had a strange issue with a Client ( his name Mark_10 ) it was an order to design many of webpage in few days . i finished the first part and it was ok for me even that he still ask for modification . but he forced me to do the rest of the webs without order and he was asking many time to make the contact out of the Fiverr , he sent me his whats app number and the email . but i rejected that . and before the first part he asked me to send him the original files of work and i did that , after that he cancelled the order when he received the original files instead of click as done . when i told him that i cant do the second part he started to do some kind provocation. and finally i found that he present my work on his profile as his work ( this is cheating ) how i can save my right . if there any advice . Here in the below its my work he present it as his work .

Contact the customer support… Or your can add this buyer to spam or you can block the buyer…

First, it’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to call out other users by name when they cannot defend themselves.

Second, how did he ‘force’ you? If you were threatened, then the buyer violated:

Third, after 2 ToS violations, why did you keep working for this buyer?

Fourth, this looks like they resold the work, which is a tad different than claiming it as their own. However, the buyer seems to think this buyer/seller did do the work, which is deceptive and violates:

Fifth, please tell me you’ve already reported this user?

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Did you mean, tell me you’ve already reported this user?

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there is also the iddy biddy issue of the buyer not paying the OP for the work before reselling it as their own work

Wow thats special.
I would of advised you to never give your work, without protecting yourself first.

When it comes to websites, I would use print-screens and not supply the code etc without payment.

However this is a little late for you.
I would report the seller
and learn from your experience and next time protect yourself.

I would also contact Customer Support for advice.

Best of luck.

What did you expect to happen after this? I’m just curious. The buyer telling you that you were a wonderful person, paying you in full, and leaving a generous tip?

That order that was canceled - was it for all the pages or only half of the pages? I’m just confused where the other part of the pages that you did for free came from. Were they added later and you expected to get paid for them separately?