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BE CAREFUL phising action from "verified_member" account

Hi guys,
a while ago there was one fiverr account just made contact me.
You can see directly he gives a message like the picture below.

I clicked the link and he pointed to a link with a suspicious adress website and asked us to login on a form similar to a fiverr login form.
I have the report message and hope the fiverr team responds immediately.
I hope you all can be more careful until there is clarity from the fiverr team about the message.
Thanks and have a good day.



@rrgraph does @fiverr gives bonuses like cars

same happened to me and offered 50$ reward point i gave the correct details but then i changed my password and and everything. Still don’t know what will happen

Contact customer support to be safe.

yaa i did it now, thank god that i initiated a payment last night and i didn’t had any balance

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A discussion is pinned on the forum, you may like to join here.


I would rather if it was a house :joy::joy:

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Thanks @wp_kid :slight_smile:
I just found out if this has been discussed

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Thank you very much, this is very useful Gracia

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These guys should take a short course in english language. :rofl::grinning::sunglasses:

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I am currently not fluent in English.
Forgive if that bothers you.
I am here just to share so no more victims in this case :slight_smile:

I was talking about Verified_member’s english. He wrote “Once you have complete this step” and he wants us to believe that this message is from the “Head of Fiverr Support”.

My English also very bad. That’s not a problem, you know, we’re not “Head of Fiverr Support”


sorry for the misunderstanding

I just realized :joy::joy::joy::joy: