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Beware - FRAUD is rampant on here now

One user in particular, ************** , is taking orders and selling the gigs to other fiverr sellers for a profit. She took a gig from someone expecting her to sing a song, apparently $150, then bought the gig from me for $15. I had no idea. Then the work I delivered to her, she delivered to the buyer as if it was her work. I confirmed it with the original buyer.

Beware, this is happening all over Fiverr right now. In particular, sellers based in **************- that seems to be where this is centered. Apologies - I realize not all sellers in ************** are based. My research shows this kind of fraud is actually a ring of people whose profiles are all **************- it might only be one person for all I know. All I know is that he / she is taking orders and passing the work to others for a profit.


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We’re not allowed to talk negatively about specific countries or users. Your post has been flagged (probably by a mod or a Reg).

If you remove references to that specific country and user, your post will be unflagged.


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I see no way to edit anything.

You don’t seem to have any gigs and you only opened your account this month. How do you know what is happening all over Fiverr?


Also if there had been a delivery shouldn’t “Recent Delivery” and a date be shown (assuming this is the user’s only account)?


I am not sure this is against Fiverr TOS. :thinking:

So, you spammed the buyer’s inbox to let him know about the resale? :thinking:

I know spamming is against TOS. :wink:

The OP may have made an account recently for the purpose of naming and shaming the person who resold his work. :roll_eyes:


How did you find out?


Let’s take a moment to bask in Wikipedia’s wisdom…


Has this person bought from you on another platform? Because your Fiverr account is new and doesn’t have gigs or sales, so, if they bought from you on Fiverr, it would mean that you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by having more than one account.

Or was your old account removed/banned, and you have obtained the permission from Customer Support to open a new one?


I mean, sketchy details of this post aside, I feel you.

There is something a bit insulting about this kind of “outsourcing” to me personally (it’s hard to pick a right word for it) and if I get a feeling that my work will be resold for a higher price, I politely decline working on the project.

Don’t sell your work for $15 it has potential to cost $150, though. Come on.

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I do quite a bit for outsourcers and don’t find it an issue. Translation agencies, SEO agencies, Marketing agencies etc have mainly been quite good for me in general but I do think it depends on the price point too.
If you are singing a song with all rights being signed over then that is worth far more than $15 and any buyer looking to spend only that is probably not a legit agency but a quick buck seeker.

Some of my longest term clients are resellers although they are not selling on Fiverr.

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It’s possible a new account was created to make this post.

Creating a second profile to make a post on the forum is still a ToS violation.