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Beware of hackers and protect your account


Today evening I have got a message from a unknown user .she sent me a link and asked me to promote it .After I clicked the link it carried me to website just similar to fiverr login page
See the screenshot

So… sure if I log with my login detail to that site my username and password will automatically go to them… So don’t log to any send by unknown users. if some 1 send link like those please report the user to fiverr support team that I have already done…Hope you will think about more on security of your account with this post.
Thank you.



Hi there!

I’m so sorry you’ve had this!

Can you please remove the sender’s name from your post? Edited - well done for contacting customer services - absolutely the right thing to do!

Thank you so much for letting us all know about this chancer!


hello @shiv_graphix
this also happen to me…

beware form this type of any link…
whenever you loging check url of site and then login.


Yeah this happened to me also But in the different manner. Check out my post:

I asked the CS Team, and they successfully disabled his account and Please remove the Seller’s Name and Photo from the above attached photos. You can’t name the buyers here on this Forum.


Is t just me or are there more hackers around these days? We’ll get one account closed down, but they’ll just open another.


Just keep your eyes open and be aware of phishing links and never download .exe files also keep your antivirus version up to date.


I know how to stop it, I’m just observing that there seems more than usual around at the moment.


Wanna share the secret recipe of How to stop it? :heart_eyes:


It also helps to, if you’d like to take the risk and open it, right-click on links and open them in an incognito window. (This is if you’re using Google Chrome. I’m not sure about other browsers.)

This way any tracking cookies or a few other types of malicious ware won’t stay behind when you close the tab, as the incognito browser clears some data upon closing.