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Buyer accepted my demo before order but want a cancellation multiple times without asking for a revision

hi, everyone, I have an issue with a buyer that asking for cancelation of order which he ordered for some days now my complain is

buyer placed a buyer request and I place my proposal which I am among the seller he picked, now in my proposal, I made it clear to him/her this way

(hi there yea I can be of great help and low-cost rendering service to you, you can send the data of your work and me will mix it to a level and send to you, if you like what you hear you can then order, listing to my gig for verification and chat me up if satisfied and I will send you more of my works thanks, (link hidden)

which he agreed by chatting me up and I did send him the mixed I did which he liked , he even sent me other sellers jobs they did on same job request due to show he also like there’s but he liked my more but I can also pick ideas from them if I like, which kept me thinking, after said and done he said is budget which we finalized with a revision of 2, which he agreed and I sent my custom offer which he placed the order

now I did exactly as I was asked and even sent him the first demo he liked but with proper quality due to he as already ordered,
after sending him the final job, he asks for a cancelation of job without asking for a revision and i canceled the dispute telling him to ask for a revision and lay down what the problem is for me to work on it, which he constantly did not ask for a revision, but rather ask for a cancelation saying I gave a poor quality of work which was funny because the same buyer liked my preview I sent and I only did one or two to enhance the job ,he kept requesting for a cancelation , without asking for a revision ( this looks sneaky)

we have been on this for 12 days now, meanwhile, on the 6 days he eventually asks for a revision without elaborating on what was the problem, I ask for more details but he just put me in the middle and continue to ask for cancelation,

I have reported this issue to customer care but in all the issues was not solved, fiver says I should have a mutual understanding with the buyer and they can’t do anything about it by checking each other (me and the buyer) to resolve automatically (probably automatic completion)

please I need your advice because I feel been robed of my service if I accept the cancelation and if I dont I feel this will affect my gig due to long dispute time

please anyone with similar issues and have pass-thru this should give a professional advice

thanks for the audience and I hope to hear soonest



If you haven’t already you could say to him that it’s the same as the demo he accepted before ordering but in higher quality and specify other changes you did to it.

You could also make sure he’s downloading the file(s). Let him know that that Fiverr’s preview of the audio is lower quality and he’ll need to download the files first to check their actual quality.

You can also ask him what specifically needs changing (again) but my guess is he hasn’t downloaded it and is just using Fiverr’s preview. Either that or the buyer is trying to get the work for free (maybe he’s also ordered with another seller).


@ uk1000wow thanks for this info most especially, I never knew that when my buyer play the audio it of low quality without downloading it, I was thinking all this while it same high quality I sent to the buyer, I will do so right away thanks once again


There’s been a few threads about audio quality.
eg. POLL - Poor Quality Gig Audio & Video!

So it’s one thing to check just in case. It definitely lowers the video & audio quality when previewing delivered videos.

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@ uk1000

thans for this info i appriciate so much


Looks like the “buyer” wants a free mix, ask the buyer what about the mix that don’t like and what you can do to improve it it might help.


@ solow13 thanks for the reply… I will love to ask but as I said I have asked a lot what the problem but the buyer just keeps quite only responds when I send the modified work by also saying nothing, and that really pisses me off

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I know it is painful. In my experience here, this is not going to happen often on Fiverr.

These numbers are just an example. I don’t know your numbers.
I have had to separate the emotional side of it, when I have invested that much time into something. You will invest time into this business when you are getting started on Fiverr. I had to realize that I spent 10 hours on a $30.00 job so I could build my business on Fiverr. It was an investment. I only charged $30.00 which was 1-2 hours of labor. So I really lost 1-2 hours on income with the cancellation and not 10-15 hours.

Many of our gigs are creative. It is subjective and it will not be perfect for everyone. I really believe that if someone doesn’t like my work they should pay for it. I have enough confidence in my work. I don’t need their approval. It is better to figure this out before there is a cancellation with a bad review.

I would suggest sending a partial song sample at full quality and not a full sample at a lower quality. That way the quality can’t be questioned. You may need to encourage them to download the sample to their computer and listen from their computer to eliminate any quality issues by streaming the file from Fiverr.

I would be suspicious of any buyer that is ordering the same project from multiple suppliers. Are they paying all the supplier or are they cancelling all of the orders except 1?

You will continue to figure out your process on how to step through and communicate your service. For me this usually takes about 100 delivered orders on a single gig. Wording descriptions, delivery messages, etc.

It is worth the effort. After 6000 orders on Fiverr, For every $5.00 that I make, 15 cents of it goes to cancellations. It is painful when one of them is $200-$300. I just have to focus on the overall real numbers and not the emotional part of it.


@ landongrace hmm am speechless really deep , if after all said and done and the buyer does feel to cancel, I think I have to approve the cancelation, because I feel for a long period of time this job has not been completed, and am scared it will affect my hard earn time off work…thanks for the advice