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Buyer is using Revisons to cancel the order what should I do?

I have given my Buyer 1 Revisons but he is getting more for free from Resolution center that too just to cancel the order. In every Revisons he write to Cancel the order and threatens me that he will contact Customer support and Ban my ID.

I have delivered him what he wanted. It was a animation video and he was offering $40 for 2min animation and he was expecting a Disney like animation for $40. He issued a Revison i thought its my second order so probably give him that kind of quality. I made it in a very high professional manner.
He didn’t wanted the animation in Video format he asked for just the project file he was going to render it.
After delivery of the Revison. He is telling me that his buyer cancel the order and he wants to cancel my order too. I firmly said no. I spent my 14days on that project just for $40 and now he wants to cancel it.
He is issues Revisons from Resolution center and writes to cancel the order or he will approach Cs to Cancel the order.
What should I do?
Today 4th time he sent a Revison.

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Firstly, no seller can ban you from Fiverr. That is just a threat.

You should approach customer support and clearly demonstrate the threats being made to you. Fiverr take abusive buyers (and sellers) very seriously.

However, you have to accept some responsibility here. No seller should work for 14 days for $40 - particularly in a skilled area such as animation. That’s $2.86 a day before commission, or $2.29 after commission. And that’s before any transfer fees or local taxes - probably bringing your daily earnings to below $2.

The moment a buyer becomes abusive you need to slam them down and make it very clear that you will not tolerate their behaviour. If you don’t do this then you end up in the exact position that you’re in.