Buyer! Nothing Know about on which Gig i have to Order


If Client order on WordPress Gig and say design a wix website for me.I messaged him about login details of hosting etc But no Reply at last i designed a Wix website and Delivered the order he requested a revision i Completed that also after that he posted a negative Review and saying that Refund me you are Scammer you are fraud. I Don’t Know on what basis i am scammer he ordered me 5$ Gig and in requirement he mentioned that design 2 website for me one in wix another one in site builder their is no wix/site builder gig is present on my profile . Note: My average selling price is 42$ and i am not interested in 5$ orders on my 5$ i am offering WordPress installation only. Now how to handle that Stupid Buyer! i want to refund him because he posted 1 star review.i contacted with customer support as well .


For your info:

  1. Refunding the buyer will not remove your 1-star feedback - as per the new Terms of Service, you are not allowed to refund for the sake of getting rid of your bad feedback.

  2. Calling your buyers with names such as “s***” is not professional of you, and you must treat everyone professionally and be polite even if they don’t treat you as such (if you feel the urge to call people names or swear, consider doing that in your thoughts to avoid any problems :wink: )

P.S. I would refrain from using “Dear”, even with CS, for it is inappropriate in many situations


Hi there,

Don’t worry about negative reviews. Just leave them behind and go for next work.

How to cancel bad reviews?

Now you will have to complete almost 10 to 20 orders with 5/5 stars, once this will be done, Your gig reviews will be again back to 5.0. So, no need to worry.

Moreover, you may write in the buyer feedback about the reason why he left 1 star.

I hope this topic will also help you.


But i want to remove this review


You can’t remove the review I’m afraid.

If a situation like this happens again where a buyer orders something you don’t offer, ask for a mutual cancellation before you get started on any work - okay, it’s a cancelled order, but it’s not a negative.


You can’t, it’s impossible.

Did you know that some buyers will be wary about gigs with perfect ratings? It’s actually useful to have a few negative reviews, it shows you are not a machine, it shows you haven’t obtained those ratings illegally.

And if you search on Google for “negative reviews help”, you’ll see that having some negative reviews can boost sales, can increase conversions, can increase trustworthiness and overall be good for your gig in the long run.

Is there a way to cancel orders after reviewing?

There is only option if buyer agreed with you contact him. and then the buyer will contact CS regarding order. there they have a option to remove or modify reviews.

Mod Note: This is incorrect in June 2017. CS does not remove reviews as described here.


Yes but in this Case the fault is totally from buyer side Just like you are offering SEO services and i order on your gig for graphic design. @Woofy31


The CS is not replying me from the last 20 hours i have submitted a ticket. @zmari_chamba


If you were to order my service and ask for graphic design, I would not start working on the order, and I would not deliver it. I would cancel since the buyer would request something that I don’t offer.

So I’m sorry to say this, but it’s your mistake as well since you accepted to create something that is outside of your gig’s scope, taking a big risk and endangering your own service by doing so :wink:

P.S. when you request a cancellation, Fiverr gives you the option to choose a reason, one of the reasons being “buyer requested work that isn’t offered by this gig”.


yes it is my mistake :zipper_mouth:


I have met some nice buyers. But also faced some evils.

I have faced the problem many times. It is really hard to handle the buyer.

In web development cost depends on various factors. But some buyer don’t understand it.

Few days ago, a buyer order a huge page for $5 which is worth of more than $100.

I wrote to “Contact before ordering.” In 3-4 places in my gig description so that buyer see it and contact. But some buyers don’t contact. Even don’t ask if i am available or i am able to do the job.

Contacting is very important in web programming category.

I think some buyers don’t have time to check the gig description or some don’t care. Some thought if they order at low price, seller have to do it because seller are afraid of bad rating .

So i usually send message to buyers and ask for more times and send gig extras. If buyers don’t agree i cancel order.

Don’t decrease your level. I don’t know why but most of the cases the buyers who order $5 for a big project give bad rating.


CS won’t remove feedback.


Why? they should remove the feedback.


You know exactly about the problem how to handle it now?


I have a suggestion for you. Ask buyer to give 5 stars. Then refund him. So you don’t have to worry about removing review .

Mod Note: This is incorrect in June 2017. It is also against ToS to attempt refunds or services for review removal/change.


the buyer is evil type knows nothing nor replying seriously. @cookcodes


A week back, a buyer wanted a refund and mistakenly he click on accept button and left a 1 star review,then we both contacted the CS about feedback removal,the answer I got was:

I’ve sent screenshot of buyer conversation too.
To be sure order was cancelled by CS before I have contacted them.


the review will be editable after cancelling the order? @anjylina


No,it is editable before cancellation if buyer is agreed.