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Buyer Request has become more complicated than ever!

As a seller, its used to be simple enough to see buyers posting requests in Buyer Request tab under Sellers Tab.
But now Due to some kind of confusion for new sellers they are posting requests on a buyer request page and selling out their gigs ?
I’ve been waiting for someone else to bring this topic up but unfortunately nothing has happened for months.
Please find a way to make it easier for those sellers to not advertise their gigs on a ‘’ Buyer Request’’ page.
Thank you guys for reading this and hope i posted it in a correct category.


That topic has been regurgitated for months now - without any success.

Adapt and overcome.

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i do not know what has come on them now a day why some sellers advertise on BR

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Now? It’s been like that for years.

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I work under photo editing gigs and i believe this confusion has spread across other platforms aswell.
How can we bump this topic to bring into Focus before we’re left out with nothing but selling gigs to eachother and no buyers left !

Go here and vote!

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