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Buyer wants to cancel because i called her sir

A buyer ordered without contacting and did not provide any instructions. I requested instructions and called her sir because I didn’t know her gender and now she says she wants to cancel, which I know will really affect me badly. What do I do?


From now on call your buyers by their user name.


An overreaction to be sure, but I don’t think I’ve ever brought up gender-specific language when speaking to a buyer.

Best bet would be cancelling the order, as the buyer already seems displeased and is a bit of a scattershot as they didn’t provide any instructions.

Make sure to revise your order requirements page so that every pertinent question is mandatory and be thorough in what you ask so that you can finish an order even if the buyer never communicates with you.


What a situation :rofl:
Sorry, I mean, just a “hello” is enough




And in the future, don’t make a gender reference.

I HATE it when newbies here call me dear.

Call me by my user name or don’t say anything.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate this

I don’t really mind about it.
My sugar ladies call me “dear” because they like my work and we work in long term, I see this like a friendly hello :rofl:


I’ve been called dear, sir, dear sir, dude, buddy so many times… I lost count.


I was referencing certain male newbies who I doubt have a good command of the English language.

But I get where you’re coming from on this.

In your case I agree, a friendly hello it would be!

Ooooh okay, yes the… typical profile of buyers that we know :rofl:

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Yes, dear, I will remember that. :wink:


sounds like a red flag if they didn’t submit requirements and are over reacting. Bail while you can.


Oh come on sweetie, don’t be such a boor. Grab a G&T and come back to… LOL

I too find it very creepy when called, Sir, Mister, Dear, Bro, Dude, Mate, etc by people I have no relationship with. Same with people who insist on shortening my name when I give it. This is a place of business and using faux intimacies to try to make me feel indebted is just manipulative.

If it was only a misgender, esp if their gender was not clear in the first place, then probably best to let them go as there is more scary in that one.

However, best not to call anyone other than what they have called themselves - I used to have a friend who likes to be addressed as The Lady Grey. I had no difficulties calling him that so we got on well.



Dang, OK, I mean, I get it, every time someone called me “dear,”
I cringe for several seconds. When people call me “bro,” I cringe as well.
If my regulars says something like “Hi buddy,” I’m OK.

It does make me cringe when I get the “dear” greeting, but I won’t get upset to a point
where I will cancel the order, so I do believe this person overreacted…but again, maybe the person
was genuinely hurt, who knows. :sweat_smile:


Canceling will be best for this case. We never make a gender reference in Fiverr; Please remember that. Don’t worry; you will have a lot of work. Best of luck

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Check this out: Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


For some reason, that reminded me I adopted a kitten (Persian fluffball) that was already called Lady Hamilton. Only when I woke one morning to find ‘her’ doing unmentionable things to my forearm did I think about the name in more depth.

Anyway, I changed the name to Mr P and he/she was never offended. Or maybe didn’t tell me. Either way, Lady Hamilton continued doing the unmentionables.


You can ask this question at the beginning of the conversations

What can I call you that will benefit our work and our relationship will be friendly and lasting?


Exactly! I used to call buyers by their username. That’s better.


I think you may cancel the order and its a learning for you to go long.