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Can someone give me some tips about getting orders as I am new here

I am a Computer Science student and a Python programmer. I created my gigs so that I can earn using my knowledge. As I am new, I really need some guide about it. By the way, my gig is about web scraping. If someone can give me some tips, it’ll be very helpful for me.


Hi! Welcome to Fiverr :smile:

For some tips and info on how to get orders, I would suggest taking a look at this post: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

I hope that helps! Good luck on Fiverr!


This post might be helpful


If you take the time to read more than 7 minutes of the forum, you would find ALL the answers to your questions - just use the search function in the upper right hand corner of the page here to search about
“tips to get orders”. You will have 100’s of threads pop up that will take more than 7 minutes to read…get comfortable.



I will ask what the correlation between python programming and web scraping is?

One sounds like skilled work, the other sounds like scut work (unless you are Lisbeth Salander or Penelope Garcia).

If you are skilled at real programming, why not offer a gig where you do something really useful, make apps or the like. Worst that can happen is that you don’t sell anything,



“Web scraping” sounds painful. Like putting bamboo shoots under your nails as a torture method.

I don’t know what it is, but does it have to do with finding emails or leads?


Something like that in both cases

Scraping is where info that is visible (and hopefully only that) is harvested or scraped off public websites. So yes a person (or bot) could go around a set of defined websites and harvest the physical and email addresses along with names of the board members.

That is semi-polite scraping. Recording every Trailer Swift song on YouTube is a dubious usage of scraping. It is rarely honorable work in places like this.

From my references above it is used in law enforcement to get background on people - fair enough if they are involved in a case as all the info is openly available.

Hacking and scraping is when people start collecting info that is not made public like number of red lacies in your third drawer. Creepy (not you and red lacies, that I am discussing it).



Good to see you in Fiverr Forum :blush:

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Thank you sir for the advice

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