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Can the Fiverr hide from me the Buyer request because of too many skills in the profile?

Please check my profile, I really need an advise :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t believe Fiverr does that.

Buyer requests are related to categories, not skills.

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I don’t want to believe that too, but I changed my gigs a bit and added some skills to the front page yesterday and the Buyer request page became clear for me.

I know that putting too many hashtags in the social media sometimes works same controversial, so I wasn’t sure about the Fiverr.

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I mean I added A LOT of skills hoping that will work as the keywords.

It’s correct that it’s to do with the categories your gigs are in. Also whether someone has posted requests in those categories, your level and whether there has been the maximum number of responses from unleveled sellers to each of those requests. Once the max offers from unleveled sellers has been reached for those requests (maybe about 10?) they will no longer show to unleveled sellers when the page is refreshed.

Someone could have about the maximum amount of skills entered but still see buyer requests, so it’s not related to that.

Since both of your gigs are in the same subcategory, that reduces your chance of seeing a lot of requests I think. If you created another gig in a different category (or maybe subcategory) you’d probably see more of them. You can also refresh the BR page a few times a day if you aren’t seeing any.

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Thank you for the detailed answer!

The thing is I’ve never responded to any of buyer request yet, so all that happened seemed just unfair to me.
So I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Fiverr bug, or I did something wrong with the keywords/skills, or my category (3d modeling) looks equally clear to all the 3d artists because there’s no requests actually. Now I’m confused even more.

See this post also, which contains info written by staff:

Please know that all requests have a limit of unleveled seller offers before they are removed from view. This too has an effect on the number of offers you can see…"

So if 10 unleveled sellers send an offer to a request and 10 was the max, that request would no longer show when you refresh your BR page if you are an unleveled seller.

I’d just create another gig in another category (or maybe subcategory) as well as refreshing the BR page a few times a day until you see some that you want to respond to. Maybe try different prices on the existing gigs if you aren’t currently getting orders. Maybe see if different gig images could help. The gig tags seem about right.

Thank you very much for your advices! :star2:

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