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Cancellation request


Today, I met a rude client on Fiverr. The number of words in his file do not match with the price in my gig. I clearly told him about it and he didn’t respond me back, so I sent him cancellation request. However, he keeps declining my request.

Can he leave any negative feedback? I think he is waiting for “late delivery” to appear in the order page because he wants to leave any negative feedback. It’s so unfair if he can do that.


Could you not simply provide him with the number of words he’s paid for?

If you deliver what he’s paid for, within the time limit, and to a high quality, he has no grounds to leave you a negative review. (Plus I would make it VERY clear in your review that the buyer only paid for xx words, declined your offer of paying for more, and so you only delivered xx words)


Thanks for your reply. That’s good idea, but the buyer does not respond me back at all and just keeps declining the cancellation request. If the buyer would want it to be done in that way, he would ask me to send him “custom gig” or half of translation. I don’t know what to do. :cold_sweat:

I guess there’s two ways to look at this.

  1. Your buyer is unaware of how Fiverr works, and is unsure of what to do next.
  2. Your buyer is deliberately trying to get you to work for cheap. If you cancel, he gets his money back and can just move on to the next seller. You meanwhile, get negatively impacted by the cancellation.

You would be well within your rights to deliver the words he’s paid for. You could include a message with your delivery along the lines of “Please find the translation for xx words. As mentioned to you, the amount you’ve paid unfortunately doesn’t cover the word count in your document. Please contact me if you’d like the remaining words translating, and I can send you a custom offer for the remaining words.” etc…


Just deliver him the quantity of work you mentioned in your gig, with explanation that you paid for that much of work, if you need me to do more work let me send you a custom request.
Morover also mention this in your review

I think you should just cancel the order coz if you do work within the limits of what is paid then the buyer won’t be satisfied and later can threaten you with a negative review or you may still have to offer a cancellation

Better cancel the order or you can contact Fiverr support regarding the issue

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Thank you. I think he will leave negative feedback even if I translate some of words based on his price (because he would expect me to translate all of words in the file). I just contacted Fiverr support. I’m looking forward to hearing from them soon.

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Yes, if you are in the “late delivery” teritory and he choose to cancel his order.

Say, he sent you 700 words document but your gig only cover 400 words. You could just translate 400 words and send that 400 words translation. It is fair.

Have a thorough reading on @cubittaudio response as mentioned above. As long you haven’t provide him with the translation which is covered by your gig’s word count, it will be you who have no grounds.

It hasn’t happened yet. You just terrified of bad review and cancellation and could not think what you should do at this moment.

@cubittaudio just gave you a good advice that will probably work; at least for me who had gone through the same situation as the one you are facing right now.

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@pandumstudio I don’t know why you said “it will be you who have no grounds.” It does not make sense. His file contains 2000 words (it’s supposed to be 50 USD), but he only ordered 25 USD. In my order requirement, there is a question like this <Did you check the word count? If you are not sure about it, use “”>, and he said <“I counted it perfectly.”> I think the buyer’s action belongs to Option 2 based on @cubittaudio response. I do not think that’s good idea to send him half of translation instead of full-translation because I didn’t make any agreement with him like that. Thanks.

I totally understand why this would be stressing you out. I looked at your profile. You’re clearly excellent at what you do. And I can also understand why you don’t want a negative review when you have over 1000 positives.

Hopefully the cancellation doesn’t adversely affect you too much. Best of luck.


@cubittaudio Thank you very much for your response. I have worked as a translator for about 8 years, and I really don’t like to face with this kind of unreasonable situation. I’m waiting for any response from Fiverr support. Thank you again!

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@jooyeonkang Yes, it doesn’t make sense at all if you only took on the half-end on my response.

As you just stated that you have your own policy about checking the word amount, that’s a little bit different. There’s a chance that there will be no difference (in case if your buyer has the intention to give negative review) between not sending the translation that covered by your gig and cancelling the order. Both will surely hurt your stats, and that’s not good.

I just checked your translation gig and you have completed 1835 orders perfectly.
Let me show you a bit about the math if you get 1-star review:

[(1835 orders * 5 stars) + (1 order * 1 star)] / 1836 = 4,9978 (this is your gig’s rating)

Please have a look on below-image:

This seller got 1-star review out of 283 reviews with 5-stars.
Do you see that round up law does apply here?

You have 4,9987-stars (please disregard the frational numbers at this moment), and it will be rounded up to 5-stars!

But still, they way to run your business is up to you. I have show you the math and the real evidence, and that might be enough for your consideration for not cancelling the order. You’re in the “safe zone” and should not cancel the order by any reason. You need to show that you have your own policy and so you won’t get the next “cheating buyer”.

Doesn’t it make sense now?

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According to the above thread your math may be incorrect. :thinking:

“So, beginning with the September evaluation, the rating threshold will be lowered from a 4.8 to 4.7 average in the last 60 days, and the lowest rated order during the period will be removed from the evaluation of the seller.”

However, they do drop the lowest rating so she may still maintain her 5 :star: rating. :wink:


Thanks @vickiespencer for the resource link. To be honest, i haven’t read about it, so a real evidence will do even without reading. Sorry :sweat:

I saw a bunch of sellers with 4.9-stars ratings and 5-stars rating. I found that they who have 4.9 and 5 have at least one 1-star review, so all i was thinking is it was something to do with round up law. Again, sorry :sweat:

And yes @vickiespencer , the point is @jooyeonkang has the chance for having her rating at 5!

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