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Commercial Rights issue

Hi, I am a graphic designer who is working as a seller in fiverr. Recently I did some (20) designs to a buyer. Due to many revisions and increasing designs (to 24), my delivery was late. Then he cancelled the order by contacting cs and got a refund, after completing the order.

Then he told me that he will use those (24) designs, even he did not paid for them. I want to know, who got the commercial rights for this designs? Is it with him legally? or with me?

Please Help!!
Thank you


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He didn’t pay, he doesn’t get.
Per the Terms of Service. (See bolded line below.)

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yeah in this case, you own those designs 100%, he has no rights whatsoever to use them

first port of call, my advice would be to contact CS with proof, you may get your money back eventually that way. then, if he uses your work, he is stealing your intellectual property, P&S

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Thank you for your advice. I already contacted the CS yesterday. Because he threatens me that he could banish me from fiverr forever.


First of all, thank you for your kind welcome for me.
and thank you so much for the answer too.

At last I need to something else too,
When I did tell him that he cannot use any contents for commercial use, he has threatened me that he will take actions to banish me from fiverr by contacting fiverr cs.
I mean how can he even do that? He even got his $$$ back. I am the one who lost my money and time (a month).

Can you give me an advice for this matter? I already contacted fiverr cs yesterday. Anything more that I can I do?

Thanks again!!!

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As for the buyer threatening you, I’m glad you’ve already contacted CS. That’s the first step, stating your side of the story. If you’ve done nothing against anything in the ToS yourself, then you’re fine. If you have broken the ToS, then yes, sadly, you are at risk of being flagged, even if the infraction is unrelated to the order.