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Critically Analyse my gig...Highlight the mistakes

Hello there,
I want someone to check out my gig professionally. I wanna know all the faults because this gig is on the 1st page.


Honestly, your work is really good! If I had a restaurant, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire you. The only criticism I could offer (and honestly, this is being really nit-picky about it) is that you might want to change “juicies” to “juices” on your main gig picture, and the writing flow of your gig description, while accurate and grammatically correct, reads a little stilted / robotic - I call it “book report tone” because:

I’m a person and I make things. This is a sentence about the thing. This is a statement about an aspect of the thing. This is a sentence that’s giving all the same information as the last sentence and is unnecessary.


It’s nice to meet you! I’m a person with professional skill, and I’m ready to make your business the best in town with thing. Bad things can cause problem a, and sometimes problem b. If you buy my thing, it will do important benefit X and benefit Y, which means you will get big benefit C that keep customers streaming in.

Granted, I’m a writer, so I’m biased about language :wink: Drop a private message if you want further help, cool?


Critical analysis, right? Meaning no holding back, yes? Ok. I will try to be as thorough as I can, even though I’m very tired at the moment.

I will start with this picture:



What I suggest you do is you take a look at the black text box at the top first. Look at the font and look at the letter spacing. The font does not look very enticing, unlike the one you are using for “Order Now”. I suggest a more friendly font like that. By the way, I also recommend to readjust the “Order Now” text. It’s not centered and clashing with the edges, which makes it look like cheap work.

Then, I recommend looking at the text box again. There’s a couple things “wrong” with it. Some unfortunate design choices, if you will. I suggest you round the corners and instead of using the color black, which is the color of monotony/neutrality (just like white)/darkness, use something more calming and inviting, like a darker shade blue like this (Edit: I said like this, not this particular shade. I need to see the image before I can properly judge it. Just how my brain works.):



…but with white text instead. (Don’t forget you can add a black outline to your text to make it more distinct and to add depth.)

Next, I recommend making your subjects, in this case the menus, more the center focal point of the image. I.e. enlarge them so they cover more of the image. Right now, the bright colors are overtaking the image, forcing a visual collapse or sensual overload, if you will. It’s destracting and makes it slightly uncomfortable to look at.

Same goes for this image:



Bring the subject in closer to the viewer. They want to see your work and not guess at the details.

That’s about all I could muster up for now. If you need any more help, I’m willing to do so, but not today. I’m simply too tired at this point.

Hope I could still help, though! :slight_smile:

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Thank You for your help. I am going to make changes. Whenever you are free ( not tired) check it out. I really want you to analyze my gig critically.

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I’ll be honest with you as well.

I think most of your works do not meet basic design principles like spacing, alignment, hierarchy, balance, contrast etc. There is a lot of room for improvement with each of your designs. Typography selection as well as overall harmony is “poor” imo. Eg. how many different fonts did you use in each of the flyer? Five, six?

Example. Have a look at this section:

Is there anything wrong? I say, almost everything.

I apologize for being too honest.


No need of apology. I am here for honest criticism . I am going to change my fist gig image immediately i have designed other flyers ,i will put them in my main gig image. I was not changing my gig image because i was not sure if it will effect my impressions and overall gig activity?
Thank you for highlighting my mistakes . I know i made blunder by using different fonts and messed up with typography and spacing too. I am a learner , my mistakes will teach me more if i accept them.

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Since you want honesty: Fiverr isn’t the best place to learn a trade.

That’s not to say you can’t learn while working, but you’re competing with people who already have the skill. (Or are in the exact same situation, and therefore number in the 12-thousands.)

You’re profile says you’re an ‘expert’. New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!